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Complete, Continuous Data Protection and Rapid Disaster Recovery

There’s a better way to recover from disruptions and return to operations: Zerto is the answer for on-premises disaster recovery.

IT Resilience with 24/7 Access to Systems

Meeting evolving business needs, Zerto facilitates quick disaster recovery while allowing constant data access to stakeholders, employees, and customers.

Say Goodbye to Hesitancy and Uncertainty

When it comes to disaster recovery (DR), your organization should have a plan in place that’s ready to initiate at any time—one you don’t need to constantly worry about. Legacy solutions give you that plan but do so with disparate, multipoint tools that require individual configuration and leave you with prolonged outages when disaster strikes. Then, when you do recover, it’s often from day-old backups.

Zerto provides the industry-best solution for data protection, backup, and disaster recovery—all in a single, scalable, software-only solution. Built-in continuous data protection, non-disruptive testing, orchestration, automation, and analytics combine to offer repeatability and visibility to every associated process. With all this, you have complete confidence in your organization’s ability to recover from any disaster at a moment’s notice—without losing any data.

One-Stop Shop for Data Protection and DR

Zerto packages everything your organization needs to ensure effective and efficient data protection, backup, and disaster recovery in one easy-to-use solution that’s scalable to fit your needs regardless of where everything is stored.

Always-on continuous data protection records the state of your datacenter in the unique granular journal with intervals down to the second, allowing you to restore from point-in-time copies of your infrastructure— including the seconds-old, true-to-protection state—should you be subjected to malware, ransomware, or any other disaster.

This unparalleled capability leads to near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). More importantly, it occurs in the background, keeping your data safe without impacting production.

Zerto vs. Legacy Disaster Recovery

Test Recovery Plans without Impacting Production

Zerto offers robust non-disruptive testing capabilities, which allow you to verify the success of your disaster recovery plan at any time—not just at night or on weekends.

These tests—along with the recovery process itself—can be set up beforehand and then run using powerful orchestration and automation with just a few clicks, making them easily repeatable.

As with everything Zerto, these capabilities are scalable too: You can validate the recovery processes for single applications, full datacenters, or any collection of workloads organized into virtual protection groups (VPGs).

Non-disruptive testing gives you the most critical complements to your disaster recovery plan: peace of mind and confidence. Say goodbye to uncertainty and rest easy knowing Zerto has you covered.

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Here Today, There Tomorrow

As effective as the Zerto solution already is, we’re under no illusion that there is no room for growth.

This is evidenced by recent announcements of new solutions, including Zerto in-cloud for AWS, Zerto Backup for SaaS, and more.

Wherever your business strategy may lead you, Zerto is prepared to pivot with you at every turn, every step of the way.

Zerto Latest Announcements

The Leading Disaster Recovery Solution

Always-on continuous data protection records the state of your datacenter every few seconds.

Protection, backup, and DR reside in the same workflow, eliminating backup windows and production impacts.

Zerto offers the lowest RPOs and RTOs in the industry.

Journal-based recovery provides granular, point-in-time restores consistent across all workloads and disks in a VPG.

Zerto is scalable, providing application consistency and accounting for dependencies regardless of VPG/datacenter size.

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Disaster Recovery 101 eBook

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Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Planning

Learn about what datacenter options you might consider as part of your recovery strategy, business and technical trade-offs that will have to be made, and more.

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Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Planning

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