Non-Disruptive Disaster Recovery Testing - Zerto

Non-disruptive Disaster Recovery Testing

With Zerto, you can carry out orchestrated and automated disaster recovery testing at any time with just a few simple clicks

3-Step Failover Testing. It's That Easy

How can a CIO or IT manager be confident that their IT will perform 24/7/365?

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Simplicity Through Automation

Failover testing can be a time-consuming operation involving the coordinated effort of various IT teams outside business hours, even on weekends. To make matters more difficult, many have in-place recovery processes that rely on the knowledge of specific individuals who may not be available when disaster strikes. 

Enter Zerto, with our simplified, automated disaster relief testing. 

With Zerto, you get your weekends back. You can easily empower any team member to efficiently test ahead of time in an isolated bubble network, giving you confidence that your migration will perform quickly and successfully. 

Test Without Impacting Production

When you test with Zerto, an independent array of network settings and profiles are established, allowing you to easily regulate permissions and run tests without halting or disrupting the production application. 

Since testing occurs in its own separate sandbox, it also has no impact on replication or protection status. All of this means that you can test at a time that’s convenient for you, restoring your freedom of choice. To make things even better, these non-disruptive testing capabilities are all included in the cost of any Zerto subscription, so they’re ready out of the box.

Zerto Failover Operation Overview

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Failover Test Overview

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Flexible to Fit Your Unique Needs

With unmatched elasticity, Zerto empowers you to test your way.

Run a failover simulation for your entire datacenter or target a single, specific application. A perfect complement to the background, non-disruptive nature of the tests themselves, this makes for easy scheduling and cooperation between infrastructure and application teams.

Achieve application-consistent recovery and seamless failover through our multi-VM grouping mechanism (protection groups), automatic IP -reconfiguration, MAC addressing, and boot-ordering.

Further automate the recovery process with pre-and post-replication scripts and customize the experience using PowerShell and REST APIs. You can also employ customer replication scripts to personalize the testing process and automate other required configuration steps in their environment.

Utilize VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V for on-the-fly VM conversion between hypervisor and cloud platforms. 

Powerful Post-Test Operations

You can destroy or dispose of any data generated during the test with just a few clicks following completion.

Then, our failover recovery operation reporting documents highlight the pass or fail status of each step in the recovery process.   

You can generate these reports for any failover test, offering quick and complete transparency for compliance auditing and management purposes. Even customize reports with company logos and script them to run any time, any day.

Compliance & Regulatory with Zerto

Failover Recovery Operation Report

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