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The Leading Solution for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Partner with a Zerto managed service provider to simplify your recovery plan and achieve unparalleled data security

DRaaS 101 eBook

For many organizations, DRaaS is an ideal solution. Our DRaaS 101 eBook describes in detail the benefits of DRaaS and the wide variety of models available through Zerto’s DRaaS providers—including an option that’s right for you.

Tailor-made for You

Zerto’s agnostic capabilities give you the same experience, regardless of where applications are stored.

Complex organizations like yours often require multiple datacenters, which can result in endless headaches for IT teams, financial departments, and anyone involved in decision-making. By working with Zerto and any of our managed service provider (MSP) partners, you simultaneously gain the power of simplicity and the freedom of flexibility—all while minimizing any potential downtime or data loss in the event of a disaster.

Zerto Journal: recovery from seconds ago

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The Only Solution for Continuous Data Protection

Say goodbye to snapshots and long backup windows: Zerto delivers always-on, continuous data protection and replication in the background while ensuring application consistency.

Our leading continuous data protection (CDP) technology records the state of your datacenter with a granularity of seconds, resulting in the industry-lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) while minimizing potential downtime or data loss. Recover to any point in time from the journal—from a year ago to seconds ago.

Zerto Continuous Data Protection

Built for Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Zerto is platform, software, and hardware agnostic, allowing you to customize your solution to serve as a direct extension of your IT operations. Store your data on premises, in the cloud, or in any combination—and easily move between locations—while ensuring you’re prepared for any possible disaster.

Choose from any of our 350+ MSP partners and reap the benefits of a single-point solution that covers all ends of your datacenter. Manage, access, and secure workloads and applications without any major re-architecturing—and as you tailor your experience, rest easy knowing that Zerto is ready to scale and evolve with your organization without locking you into any specific vendor.

Heading to the Cloud? No Problem; We’ll Take You There.

Zerto Recovery Report

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Easy Compliance Thanks to Non-Disruptive Testing

As with CDP and replication, Zerto DR testing can be executed in the background without impacting production applications. This makes complying with regulations and service level agreements a breeze—and it gives you the freedom of testing what you want, when you want.

Set up a fully automated recovery or migration test for anything from a single application to a full datacenter, then run it with just four clicks.

Taking it a step further, Zerto MSPs can even offer geographically redundant cloud services, giving you peace of mind that your robust DR plan can withstand a power grid outage or any weather or climate events.

Non-Disruptive Disaster Recovery Testing

Key Benefits of Zerto DRaaS

Flexible Deployment

Choose a partnership that makes the most sense for your organization—from self-managed to partially or fully managed—and explicitly define both your responsibilities and those of your MSP.

Predictable Billing

Take advantage of flexible billing models that range from pay as you go to reserved infrastructure to dedicated resources. Zerto simplifies your planning as your enterprise grows, migrates, and expands.

Flexible Staffing

The Zerto software-only interface is easy to use—no matter where your workloads are stored—lessening expertise requirements for ever-evolving infrastructure options.

What's Next?

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