Zerto for K-12 and Up Educational Organizations

Zerto for K-12 and Up Educational Organizations

Delivering continuity for your students and staff in the face of any disruption

Deliver Uninterrupted Learning 

With Zerto, educational organizations can remain online and deliver a learning experience across any platform.

Zerto Capabilities for Education

In the education sector, ensuring uninterrupted learning can be a tricky balancing act. With Zerto, however, this can be accomplished. Our solution delivers unparalleled IT resilience by:

  • Ensuring availability and protection of critical data and systems, including SaaS applications 
  • Mitigating the risks and high costs of cyber attacks 
  • Simplifying and automating operations on-premises and in the cloud 

With a single solution for disaster recovery, ransomware resilience, and cloud mobility, you can realize enterprise-class protection and cost savings, while accelerating your pace of innovation.

Ransomware: It's Not a Matter of "If", but "When" 

The education sector has quickly become a highly targeted industry for ransomware attacks. With an average ransomware recovery cost of nearly $2.2 million for a K-12 organization, it’s easy to see why an attack can be so crippling.

If ransomware strikes, Zerto helps you to:

  • Act quickly with early warnings of a ransomware attack
  • Resume operations, at scale, in minutes 
  • Recover to a state seconds before an attack
  • De-risk your recovery with instant, non-disruptive testing 

Ransomware Recovery with Zerto

Why Zerto for Ransomware Resilience

Protect SaaS Data with Zerto 

Recover business-critical data in seconds with Zerto’s fully automated backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure AD, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and Zendesk.

With this offering, Zerto delivers simple, scalable data protection for virtualized, public cloud, and SaaS applications.

  • Complete Granular Recovery : Down to emails, team sites, permissions, etc.
  • Increased Data Availability: Outside normal data production centers
  • Retention Configuration: To meet your organization’s needs, not your solution’s limitations
  • Ability to Thwart Ransomware: With an independent, secure backup of your data

Additionally, the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault provides an ironclad recovery solution to enable financial services organizations to meet today's ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Zerto Backup for SaaS - Overview

Zerto Backup for SaaS

Simplify Cloud Adoption and Operations  

Moving workloads to the cloud is easy with Zerto.

With the flexibility to move and replicate workloads to the public cloud or other service providers, educational organizations can replace their on-premises, secondary disaster recovery site and unlock the scale, reliability, and financial value of the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Workload Mobility

Reduce Overhead Costs and Enable Digital Transformation  

Zerto replicates between disparate storage, hypervisors, and versions of hypervisors—and to nearly all clouds, including Azure, AWS, and Google.

With Zerto, you can easily manage data and application mobility across nearly all platforms through a single, intuitive interface and leverage any infrastructure to enable a flexible and cost-effective IT strategy.

Get Real Business Operational Benefits with Zerto

Achieve Up to 50% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Savings

Key Benefits of Zerto for Educational Organizations

Ease of use: Install in minutes without downtime.

Save money and resources: Reduce the resources, time, and labor associated with outdated disaster recovery and data protection tools

Multi-cloud enabled: Get multi-cloud capability with replication to, from, and between sites—even across public cloud regions or to other clouds.

No vendor lock-in: As a hardware agnostic solution, Zerto extends the useful life of assets, thus delaying expenditures and reducing costs.

Protect your SaaS data: Adding an isolated and tamperproof second copy is the only right move for any organization using SaaS applications.

RPOs of seconds: Journal-based replication delivers recovery of sites, applications, VMs, and files with RPOs of seconds.

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