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Continuous data protection, non-disruptive testing capabilities, and a simple interface make Zerto the industry-best solution for any datacenter migration


Seamless Migration at Scale with Zerto

A rapidly expanding major shipping logistics company needed data center solutions that could keep up with the scale of their ambition. Learn about their journey with Zerto to migrate 1000+ VMs.

Worry-Free Datacenter Consolidation

With data spread out across multiple datacenters after various mergers, acquisitions, or other events demanding extra storage space, data management requirements grow complex and associated expenses run high. When it comes time to remedy these issues, the act of consolidating datacenters instills a sense of worry regarding whether the datacenter migration will work properly, how long it will take, and how effectively applications will operate at the target site(s).


Zerto eliminates this worry, saving users time, money, and hassle in the process. Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization, the easy-to-use, software-only solution deploys quickly on each datacenter and ensures zero data loss and minimal downtime throughout your consolidation.

Smooth and Simple Workflows

Zerto increases the speed of the entire datacenter migration consolidation process. Here are our simple datacenter migration steps:

Once you deploy the software-only Zerto infrastructure at each datacenter, the Zerto Virtual Manager works with your underlying hypervisor management tool. Through this interface, you can pair sites together before configuring replication tasks and automated processes. You can also organize applications into virtual protection groups.

At this point, initiating the process takes just four clicks, allowing the quickest, most straightforward migration of everything from single applications to full datacenters—whether you’re running your own datacenters, using the public cloud, or employing a hybrid-cloud approach.

When your migration is finished, you’re not locked in, either; you can move back at any time by following the same processes.

Zerto Move Operation Demo

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Zerto Platform: Workload Move Demo

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Non-disruptive Testing

Non-disruptive testing capabilities in Zerto empower you to verify all ends of your migration or consolidation without impacting production workloads.

You can run tests on any workload in an isolated sandbox environment to validate successes, identify impacts on applications and dependencies, and verify the target sites. By ensuring your virtual machines move to the right network, power on, and function properly, you gain full confidence in your move before it happens.

Perhaps most importantly, the non-disruptive nature of these processes gives you the freedom and flexibility to test at any time—so you can say goodbye to late night or weekend work.

Zerto Non-disruptive Testing Capabilities

Continuous Protection for Any App, Any Cloud, Any Threat

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Zerto Platform Diagram

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A Solution Satisfying Current and Future Needs

Simply put, Zerto is built for every organization, with innovative capabilities that are only expanding.

What You Need Today

In every sense of the word, Zerto is scalable, allowing you to migrate single applications or full datacenters to, from, and between on-premises datacenters or public clouds. Coupled with Zerto’s agnostic compatibilities, this grants you the freedom to organize and protect your data how you see fit while avoiding vendor lock-in.

What You Need Tomorrow

With vendor-agnostic, multi- and hybrid-cloud efficiencies, Zerto is set to carry you forward as the prevalence of cloud technologies grows—but it doesn’t stop there. We are constantly innovating our offerings to provide further flexibility and freedom to users, so you can rest easy knowing your future-thinking investment in the solution will satisfy your needs as time progresses.

Zerto Latest Announcements

Deep Visibility with Powerful Analytics

Completing the solution, Zerto Analytics gives your organization full visibility and control throughout every step of the process.

Regardless of how many sites or clouds your data is spread across, you can access deep insights into the protection status of your data at all times—all from one window.

It’s more than insights too; Zerto Analytics helps you meet and maintain service-level agreements, optimize your infrastructure, and prepare for future needs with resource planning and forecasting tools.

Zerto Analytics: Visibility and Control

Key Benefits of Zerto's Industry-Leading Testing and Consolidation

Zerto is a single-interface, software-only solution, enabling easy deployment and simple use.

Zerto migrations and consolidations are fast: enjoy minimal downtime and user impact.

Built-in continuous data protection prevents your organization from losing any data. Period.

Zerto consolidations are scalable: migrate single applications or full datacenters, on-premises or in the cloud.

Nondisruptive testing allows you to evaluate impacts of migrations and validate successes without impacting production.

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