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Cloud Migration

Whether you’re moving to, from, or between clouds—from any vendor—Zerto has your migration covered

Simple, Scalable Cloud Migration in Just a Few Clicks

The Zerto solution is simple to set up and easy to use, delivering fast migration with zero data loss.

The Most Efficient Cloud Migration Solution

It’s no mystery that the cloud is here to stay. From out-of-date hardware requiring expensive upgrades or replacements, to expiring datacenter leases and their associated costs, organizations have many reasons for moving to the cloud.

Industry-leading orchestration and automation as well as a host of crucial, timesaving, and data-preserving features make Zerto the best companion on your journey to the cloud. With Zerto, you can quickly migrate to, from, or between clouds while ensuring zero data loss and minimal downtime. And thanks to non-disruptive testing capabilities, your migration will work properly before it even starts. Topping it all off, Zerto is vendor agnostic, giving you the freedom and flexibility to access clouds from the vendors you choose.

Cloud Migration Made Simple and Safe

Zerto makes migrations clean and straightforward. With just a few clicks on the interface, you begin your move and let Zerto take care of the rest through powerful orchestration and automation capabilities. Zerto’s built-in continuous data protection keeps your data safe throughout every part of the process. All of this comes together to provide you with the fastest possible migration, with minimal downtime and zero data loss.

On-premises to Cloud Migration

Migration Freedom and Flexibility

Zerto migrations aren’t just for moving to the cloud. If you need to move from the cloud or between different clouds, the process is the same.

When it comes to the data itself, the migration is equally flexible, allowing you to move full datacenters, single applications, or any combination thanks to our unique grouping efficiencies.

Finally, Zerto is both vendor agnostic and platform agnostic—so you can move to the cloud of your choice or establish a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Simply put, Zerto allows you to migrate your way on your terms with support every step of the way.

Migration without the Migraines

Full Confidence in Your Cloud Migration

Along with efficient, industry-leading features, Zerto provides you with the most important benefit: peace of mind. Coupled with the simplicity of the migration action itself, other Zerto tools give you full confidence in your move before it happens.

Non-Disruptive Testing: In the Zerto interface, you can test your moves before they happen, allowing you to validate successes and pinpoint any potential concerns with your target location(s). This testing occurs in the background, so you can ensure your migration will run smoothly without downtime or impact on production.

Easy Rollback: When the time comes to make the move, you aren’t locked in immediately after initiating the process. If needed—for any reason—you can roll back your migration to its original state with just one click.

Non-disruptive Testing with Zerto

Deep Visibility with Powerful Analytics

Completing the solution, Zerto Analytics gives you full visibility and control throughout the process. Regardless of how many sites or clouds your data is spread across, you can access deep insights into the protection status of your data at all times—all from one window. It’s more than insights too.

Zerto Analytics helps you meet and maintain service-level agreements, optimize your infrastructure, and prepare for future needs with resource planning and forecasting tools.

Zerto Analytics

Key Benefits of Cloud Migrations with Zerto

Zerto is the fastest cloud migration solution available.

Orchestrated and automated tasks do complex work for you, making the process simple and efficient.

With Zerto, you avoid vendor lock-in, giving you unmatched flexibility during your migration process.

Zerto Analytics keep you continuously informed on the protection status and health of your datacenter.

Non-disruptive testing and post-move considerations provide full confidence that your move will work as planned.

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