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Non-disruptive Patch Testing

Zerto allows you to test your patch deployments with no impact on production, offering consistent validation of security posture.

Ensure Compliance, Assure Stakeholders

Zerto helps you stay proactive with frequent, non-disruptive security scanning and testing, demonstrating to stakeholders that security is your priority.

Streamline Patch Testing

With legacy methods, patch testing and deployment are processes that fill IT professionals with fear and uncertainty. Even worse, these concerns cause many organizations to fall behind in their patching processes, ultimately leading to lost revenue due to regulatory violation fines—and that doesn’t even cover the security risks involved with irregular or late patches.

Zerto is the answer to any patch deployment hesitancies, offering easy, four-click initiation of non-disruptive testing against seconds-old, true copies of production in an isolated sandbox. After your four clicks, the testing can begin, providing you with visibility of the impact those patches will have on production. This allows you to stay compliant and limit potential exposure to threats, while reducing the time it takes to get results and apply to production.

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Accurate Patch Testing on Your Schedule

You can test patches your way with Zerto. The solution’s unique journaling replicates and backs up your data every few seconds without using the snapshot tools of legacy solutions. 

This means that when it comes time to test patches, you work with copies that are true to production—not different environments with configuration drift that once resembled production—giving you full confidence that everything will run as intended. Additionally, Zerto captures the state of all application dependencies with consistency down to the second, so you can test a complete application rather analyzing one workload at a time.

The tests should run in their own isolated sandbox—with no impact on production workloads so you can perform them anytime. Other solutions require testing to occur at night or on weekends.

Background testing also enables near-zero RPOs and RTOs, empowering your teams to increase testing frequency.

Leveraging Zerto Failover Testing for Patch Testing

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Zerto Failover Testing: Creating a Replica of your Environment in a Bubble Network

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Zerto Non-disruptive Testing

Powerful Orchestration and Automation, One Single Solution

The flexible nature of patch testing with Zerto doesn’t stop at its non-disruptiveness.

You can orchestrate and automate the process within Zerto via post-recovery scripts—requiring nothing more than four clicks on your end—so you can set up your test with the appropriate applications and patches, then repeat it as often as needed.

Additionally, the orchestration makes it easy to test on single applications, application stacks, or any grouping you determine. Once you have this information, you can deploy the patches with full confidence. 

Most importantly, Zerto gives you all of this in one scalable solution with a simple interface.

Zerto Orchestration and Automation

Flexibility from Reduced Staffing Needs

Other solutions employ multiple-point products that require subject matter experts in each area. This ultimately leads to higher personnel requirements, increasing your organizational and operational complexity.

With Zerto and its simple, single, scalable solution, your organization can reduce that complexity, as you will no longer require dedicated teams for all aspects of testing—and on top of that, role-based access controls in Zerto empowers you to test without involving operations teams.

Beyond DR and Data Protection: Reduce Operational Overhead

Stay Compliant, Stay Confident

Gone are the days when deep security and penetration testing impacted production performance, or even worse, disrupted business.

Coupled with the accuracy of assessing patches as they’re applied to seconds-old, true-to-production copies, the ease and simplicity of performing these non-disruptive tests allow your organization to more frequently validate its security posture.

This makes complying with all regulations—be they from PCI DSS, HIPAA, or the FERC—and keeping up with shifting policies a breeze, instilling confidence in both you and your stakeholders, helping your organization maintain its brand reputation, retain customers, and avoid negative media coverage.

As an added bonus, these types of tests can also include or meet requirements for disaster recovery testing, further extending the capability and potential of your Zerto solution with little extra effort on your part.

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Key Benefits of Zerto

Simple, Single, Scalable Solution

Zerto offers ease of use and flexibility of execution.

Automation and Orchestration

Automation and orchestration allow quick and consistent application workload instantiation, reducing human error potential.

The Journal

Unique granular journaling captures the state of all application dependences down to the second.

Non-disruptive Testing and Reporting

Test your way on your schedule without impacting production.

Quick and Easy

Testing is quick and easy, empowering your teams to test as often as they need.

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Leveraging Zerto Failover Testing for Patch Testing

Understand how Zerto's failover testing capability, which was initially designed to provide an on-demand, nondisruptive way to validate a disaster recovery plan, can be leveraged for your SecOps team.

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Zerto Failover Testing: Creating a Replica of your Environment in a Bubble Network

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Zerto Failover Testing for Dev On-Demand

Get more specific information about the Dev on-demand use case for teams in need of accurate, high-fidelity replicas of their environment for app development and testing.

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Zerto Failover Testing for Patch Testing

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Creating a Replica of your Environment with Zerto - Demo

See how easy —and non-disruptive to your operations— it is to create a replica of your environment with Zerto failover testing capability.

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Zerto Failover Testing - Demo

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