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Compliance and Reporting: Get Weekends Back 

Prove compliance with Zerto’s automated DR testing, reporting and analytics. Industry leading SLAs make reporting simple and safe, keeping you protected. 

Simplify Compliance Testing 

How can you be sure your DR will work when you need it? View a Zerto sample report to see how easy we make it for you to know. 

Remove Complexity From Data Protection Regulation Reporting

Companies that are confident they are prepared for any type of disruption are IT resilient. Zerto helps businesses prove they are prepared to mitigate the risk of downtime and data loss. 

Examples: 90-day live history reports for RPO and Networking

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Proactive Compliance 

Zerto Analytics uses expanded intelligent dashboards to provide deeper insights along with a 90-day history of your protected multi-site, multi-cloud environments’ health and compliance.

Zerto Analytics 

GDPR Compliance 

Article 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states organizations must ensure data and infrastructure is resilient and protected from internal and external threats, including technical failures, human errors, and malicious malware attacks.

Zerto’s one-click reporting fulfills these requirements. 

How Zerto Aids with GDPR Compliance

Sample Recovery Report

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Non-disruptive Testing 

With a few clicks of a mouse, Zerto can test your entire protected environment in an isolated bubble network—with no production impact.  

3 Steps to Failover, No Production Impact 

Zerto Non-disruptive Testing 

HIPAA Compliance 

Under HIPAA, all hospitals and health systems—including medical practices—must securely back up “retrievable, exact copies of electronic protected health information.”  

Zerto meets this requirement through failover to a target site where there’s standby equipment, a disaster recovery process that builds applications using associated data and storage of patient data off-site. 

Why IT Resilience Matters for Healthcare

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Healthcare 

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Zerto Non-disruptive Testing 

See how Zerto can give you peace of mind when it comes to validating that your BCDR plan is sound.

Zerto Analytics

Get the history and visibility throughout your environment.

How Zerto aids with GDPR compliance 

Learn how your organization is affected by GDPR and how Zerto can help you remain compliant.