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Achieve up to 50% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Savings

Scale out your data infrastructure—not your TCO. Remove hidden costs, streamline operations, and simplify your tech stack.

Achieving up to 50% TCO Savings with Zerto

See exactly how Zerto delivers real financial and business value at a lower TCO than you may expect.

Reduce Your DR and Backup TCO

Zerto delivers up to 50% TCO savings over traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions by reducing data loss to seconds and downtime to minutes—all while significantly simplifying ongoing management.

The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Zerto Platform | Forrester

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IT Operations

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Converged Backup, DR, and Mobility

As a single, simple, software-only solution, Zerto delivers on the use cases you expect for cloud data management and protection—and does so with innovative, technical advantages that avoid the expensive headaches of legacy solutions. 

Cost-effective continuous data protection with Zerto means:

  • No scheduling or micromanaging backup windows
  • No snapshots
  • No performance impact to production
  • No agents, media servers, physical hardware, or dependence on any specific storage type or vendor

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of Zerto

IDC: Large Insurance Company Improves ROI, Recovery, Backup, and Productivity with Zerto

Protect Your Competitive Advantage

Businesses today increasingly rely on their data to set themselves apart from the competition; strategic data use is an enterprise’s unique advantage.

That’s why 9,500+ organizations around the world trust Zerto with their critical digital assets to dramatically limit data loss and downtime.   

The average hourly cost of downtime continues to increase—ranging from $5.6K/min¹ to $23K/min² depending on factors like company size and industry—while internal and external stakeholders alike expect 24/7 access to their data and applications.  

Zerto can deliver real savings by enabling an always-on, continuous business. Use our free calculator to estimate what downtime could cost your organization.

1: Gartner, The Cost of Downtime

2: Disaster Recovery Journal, The State Of Business Continuity Preparedness (2018)

Estimate Your Cost of Downtime

Reducing Downtime and Data Loss

Infographic about the cost of downtime in Disaster Recovery

IT Operations

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Cost Benefits of Zerto

The award-winning Zerto solution includes technical differentiators that together add up to a lower total cost of ownership than traditional point solutions and their legacy architectures. 

Continuous Data Protection

Our industry-leading replication delivers RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes,  decreasing data loss and downtime across backup, disaster recovery, and migration use cases.

Simplicity at Scale

Zerto’s software-only architecture and scale-out approach together enable your protection to grow right alongside your business.

Built-in Orchestration & Automation

Eliminate manual processes and free up your time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Per VM Pricing  

Straightforward pricing based on VMs—not terabytes (TBs)— keeps your TCO from skyrocketing as your data footprint grows.

Granular Journal

Unique per-VM journal, not per-LUN, gives you thousands of restore points with intervals down to the second. Choose your most recent checkpoints and minimize data loss.

Small Footprint, Low Overhead

Zerto’s lightweight virtual components perform efficient, powerful replication without taxing your hosts.

Technology Agnostic

Zerto doesn’t lock you in to any specific hardware, software, or cloud service, offering you full freedom of choice. Use infrastructure that meets your business needs and store workloads where you want them.

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