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A Comprehensive Solution Delivering Real Business Operational Benefits

Zerto aligns with your IT initiatives, integrating smoothly into application lifecycle management and ongoing operational necessities.

Zerto’s Foundation: Continuous Data Protection

While integrating with and streamlining your operations, Zerto ensures all your data is safe, protected, and recoverable throughout any disruption.

Everything You Need in One Scalable Solution

We don’t need to tell you how complex running a business can be, nor do we need to express just how vital it is to keep your data and information safe. Yet many organizations employ a collection of disparate solutions to their IT operational workflows, ones that are at best incomplete and at worst not designed to meet the needs of digital transformation.

Six imperatives of IT Operations

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IT Operations

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How Exactly Can Zerto Help?

When it comes to business success, IT operations is a critical necessity, and to be proficient, six imperatives must be met throughout every production lifecycle: 

  • Running solutions
  • Managing infrastructure
  • Managing configurations
  • Evolving infrastructure
  • Mitigating disasters
  • Governing IT operations 

Aligning with each of these six imperatives, Zerto delivers a robust, single solution, rich with efficiency-boosting tools that greatly assist operations management—all while keeping data safe. 

Beyond DR and Data Protection: Use Zerto to Reduce Operational Overhead

Integration with IT Operations

Zerto fits smoothly into the framework of IT operations, offering a single solution that assists operations management in several ways. Zerto is built for the enterprise and ready to scale alongside you as you grow and expand so you can make the choice now and be prepared for the future.

  • Running Solutions

    Test, Protect, and Recover

  • Managing Infrastructure

    Access Key Insights

  • Managing Configurations

    Maintain Configuration Consistency

  • Evolving Infrastructure

    Validate Success Before Implementing Changes

  • Mitigating Disasters

    Guarantee IT Resilience

  • Governing IT Operations

    Ensure Business Alignment

Running Solutions

Test, Protect, and Recover

Running Solutions

Once an application is protected by Zerto, you no longer need to worry about backup windows, performance impact, or snapshots left behind.   

Our industry-leading, always-on continuous data protection replicates your data in the background every few seconds and saves it to the granular journal, ensuring almost no data loss and quick, true-to-production recovery in the event of a disaster.

Managing Infrastructure

Access Key Insights

Managing Infrastructure

Aside from providing deep, easily accessed insights on a single screen, Zerto Analytics—included in all Zerto purchases—provides valuable visibility, resource management, and forecasting tools. 

With this crucial tool, you can identify metrics—VM configurations, storage throughput and capacity, network output, and more—then use the planner to determine requirements for on-premises hypervisor environments or cloud targets.

Managing Configurations

Maintain Configuration Consistency

Managing Configurations

Zerto allows you to group all virtual workloads that comprise an application stack in a consistent protection group, offering an overview of applications and dependencies as well as where they’re running, what resources they consume, and how they’re protected.   

Then, when a protected workload’s resource configuration changes, Zerto automatically maintains that change and the consistency across the source and targets.

Evolving Infrastructure

Validate Success Before Implementing Changes

Evolving Infrastructure

One of Zerto’s most critical and unique capabilities is non-disruptive testing, which allows you to identify the potential impact of processes and dependencies prior to execution, leading to advance evaluation and validation of successes.   

Test applications, security patches, or operating system updates in a sandbox environment, and certify your migration to new physical datacenters or the cloud before committing.

Mitigating Disasters

Guarantee IT Resilience

Mitigating Disasters

Zerto delivers industry-best disaster recovery features. Continuous data protection, backup, and unique journaling at intervals of seconds ensure you have access to each environment’s most current state, making recovery after a malware or other cyberattack fast and easy.   

Couple these features with non-disruptive testing and automation, and you can set up and verify failover processes so you’re ready for anything.

Governing IT Operations

Ensure Business Alignment

Governing IT Operations

Within the Zerto interface, you can monitor and measure your service-level agreements, recovery point objectives, and protection over time to ensure alignment to business strategy and objectives.   

Additionally, the insights and resource forecasting in Zerto Analytics give you excellent visibility and help you plan for the future.

Evolving with the Industry

As effective as Zerto already is, we’re under no illusion that there is no room for growth. 

As things evolve—be it through the growing number of vendors providing storage options, the increasing prevalence of microservices architecture and containerized applications, or the accelerating rate at which organizations are taking to the cloud—Zerto is prepared to evolve too.

This is evidenced by recent announcements of new solutions, including Zerto Backup for SaaS, and growing compatibilities with Amazon Web Services in-cloud workloads. 

Wherever your business strategy may lead, Zerto is prepared to pivot with you at every turn, every step of the way.

Zerto's Latest Announcements

Industry-Best Benefits

With powerful orchestration and automation features, using Zerto is simple.

Zerto delivers everything organizations need to streamline virtually all data needs, all in one solution.

No hardware required; the solution’s software-only nature makes it easy to set up and use.

Scale for current needs: Protect, test, recover, and migrate single applications or whole datacenters.

Scale for future needs: Zerto is ready to grow with your organization as time progresses. 

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