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How Zerto Helps State, Local and Education Solve and Scale Data Protection

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IT professionals serving state, local and education entities have a tremendous responsibility. Tasked with keeping data protected from bad actors while ensuring IT systems operate without disruption is not for the faint of heart. Educators need their applications available to reliably teach to our children, while constituents need access to emergency, financial and social services in their most critical time of need. An IT outage of any sort can adversely impact people’s lives.

“Zerto has dramatically improved our continuity to keep data running and replicated across all our locations, and ensures we can recover data and keep IT running to support Tyler’s public safety and public works in the event of a disaster.”

– Benny Yazdanpanahi | City of Tyler, CIO

Appling modern data management and protection capabilities in these sensitive, complex and highly regulated environments poses unique challenges. Zerto delivers solutions to help navigate SLED data management needs, particularly in the areas of continuous data protection, ransomware detection, disaster recovery and multi-cloud environments.

Here are some of the Zerto advantages:

Continuous Data Protection (CDP): Zerto provides continuous data protection, ensuring that data changes are replicated in real-time or near real-time. This minimizes the risk of data loss and enables entities to achieve lower Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). In the event of an incident, organizations can easily recover their data from any point in time, reducing the potential for data loss and minimizing downtime.

Multi-Cloud Flexibility: Zerto supports multi-cloud environments, allowing entities to seamlessly replicate and protect their data across different cloud platforms such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. This flexibility enables organizations to choose the most suitable cloud solutions for their specific needs, avoid vendor lock-in, and optimize their IT infrastructure based on performance, cost, and other requirements.

Simplified Disaster Recovery (DR): Zerto simplifies the of disaster recovery by providing a unified platform for replication, orchestration, and automation of recovery operations. With Zerto, state, local, and education entities can easily create and manage recovery plans, perform non-disruptive testing, and streamline the failover/failback processes. This simplification helps organizations achieve lower Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and minimizes the impact of downtime during disaster scenarios.

Ransomware Resilience: Zerto’s continuous data protection and point-in-time recovery capabilities make it an effective tool for combating ransomware attacks. In the unfortunate event of a ransomware incident, organizations can roll back to a clean point in time before the attack occurred, ensuring data integrity and minimizing the impact on operations. Zerto’s journal-based recovery approach provides an added layer of protection against ransomware threats.

Scalability and Performance: Zerto’s architecture is designed to scale and perform efficiently, even in large and complex environments. This scalability ensures that state, local, and education entities can protect their growing volumes of data and applications without compromising performance. Zerto’s efficient data replication technology minimizes the impact on network bandwidth and allows organizations to replicate data over long distances, facilitating disaster recovery between geographically dispersed locations.

Simplified Management and Automation: Zerto offers a centralized management interface that provides a unified view of the entire data protection infrastructure. This interface allows administrators to easily monitor, manage, and automate replication and recovery processes across multiple sites and cloud environments. The simplified management capabilities reduce operational complexity and improve efficiency for state, local, and education entities.

Overall, Zerto provides state, local, and education entities with continuous data protection, ransomware detection, multi-cloud flexibility, and simplified disaster recovery. By leveraging these benefits, organizations can enhance their data resilience, mitigate risks, and ensure business continuity in the face of potential disruptions or disasters.

Seeking help planning or updating your data protection strategy? Contact our SLED team and start a conversation.

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