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API Integration

Zerto APIs allow for easy integration with existing orchestration, monitoring, or configuration management solutions

Open Source Observability for Zerto

The Zerto Resilience Observation Console (zROC) is a docker Compose-based software stack that allows you to observe standard Zerto API data in a visual format using Prometheus and Grafana.

Power Up Your Zerto Experience

Your system is unique, so you need an extensible solution that can fit your needs. That’s why we’ve developed rich, full-featured APIs capable of taking Zerto and its services to the next level. These APIs are your ticket to new levels of workflow efficiency as you customize your Zerto experience.

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Automate Everything

Zerto APIs communicate seamlessly with a host of other systems and applications, drastically extending your workload capabilities. 

By providing a rich set of Swagger APIs, teams can build automated operations that reduce time spent on a wide variety of processes beyond those available out of the box with Zerto.

The sky is the limit with Zerto APIs: easily customize and streamline your operations to unlock efficiencies while minimizing manual operation and avoiding repeated steps.

Zerto Swagger APIs Documentation

Zerto RESTful APIs Technical Documentation

Automating Zerto with PowerShell and REST APIs

Example of Task Orchestration and Automation

Leverage these API examples for deployment, configuration, and management of key Zerto components.

Mass VRA Deployment

Mass VRA Deployment

A VRA is a Zerto virtual replication appliance that manages the replication of virtual machines locally or across sites. Leverage the VRA API to deploy Zerto at scale!

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Zerto APIs: Mass VRA Deployment using the VRA API

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Mass Change VM Re-IP Settings

Mass Change VM Re-IP Settings

A Virtual Protection Group, or VPG, is a group of virtual components protected by Zerto. Leverage the VPG Management API to create multiple VPGs with just a few lines of code.

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Zerto APIs: Mass IP-Resetting using the VPG Management API

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Create a Recovery Plan

Leveraging the VPG API

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Zerto APIs: Build your Own Recovery Plan using the VPG API

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Do More, Simply

From fast deployment to third-party integration, Zerto offers you effective and efficient ways to do more.

Zerto Automation Examples Leveraging Python

Ansible Playbook for Automating Zerto Tasks

Deploying Zerto with Terraform

Minimize Manual Operations and Avoid Repetition

  • Efficient Deployment
  • Zerto Analytics
  • VM Protection
  • Third Party Integration
Efficient Deployment

Efficient Deployment

Get your protection up and running within minutes and cut installation times by automatically deploying Zerto components.

Zerto Analytics

Zerto Analytics

Use APIs to integrate with Zerto Analytics for deeper insight into the protection statute of your entire multisite or multi-cloud environment.

VM Protection

VM Protection

Automate the protection of every application and virtual machine with Zerto APIs, and you won’t lose any data. Period.

Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

Integrate with VMware, vRealize Orchestration, Ansible, or any other automation/orchestration tool to make protection an integral part of your greater strategy.

Key Benefits

Take advantage of the flexible nature of Zerto APIs to fit your unique needs.

Rest easy knowing your APIs will only grow in capability with updated versions.

Build on top of already powerful Zerto solutions.

Achieve unparalleled efficiency by further automating processes.

What's Next?

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Zerto RESTful APIs

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Invoking RESTful APIs from PowerShell Scripts

Zerto provides an extensive set of RESTful APIs that enable you to manage Zerto Virtual Replication without using the Zerto User Interface.