Hybrid Cloud DR, Replication, Offsite Backup, & Migrations

The promise of the Hybrid Cloud is very appealing to organizations. With a hybrid cloud deployment, IT teams can leverage internal, private cloud environments for their most rigorous and secure workloads while leveraging public cloud for test and development, backup or disaster recovery as their organization allows.

The problem with Hybrid Cloud is, how to move the applications and data around in a time frame that makes sense? Most workloads need to be migrated from a private cloud environment to a public cloud and this process can take weeks or months. It is so overwhelming that most organizations will not migrate the application, even though there are substantial cost savings, as the downtime negatively impacts the business.

How Zerto solves Hybrid Cloud DR and Mobility

Zerto Virtual Replication was built to operate in the hypervisor and to manage hybrid clouds with the ability to easily replicate and migrate data between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments as well as to Amazon Web Services. With the ability to encapsulate an application and migrate it quickly and easily to almost any environment, organizations can realize the flexibility and cost savings of hybrid cloud. IT teams can now select their environment based on just two parameters — service level and price.

Zerto Virtual Replication delivers all the features required to provide a complete hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution in one simple to use software solution making it indispensable to organizations of any size that have embraced virtualization.

  •  Cross hypervisor replication: Replicate applications and data in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments and between them.
  •  Replication to public cloud: Replicate from a VMware or Microsoft environment to Amazon Web Services.
  •  Seamless application mobility: Encapsulate and move applications as needed within an environment, across hypervisors, or to the public cloud.
  •  Fast migrations: Leverage new IT assets fast with migrations complete in minutes with minimal downtime.
  •  Centralized Management: Manage multi-site, multi-cloud environments across several sites in one user interface.
  •  No application or data reconfiguration required: Installs seamlessly into existing infrastructure in minutes, regardless of hypervisor, cloud or storage.
  •  Storage and hypervisor agnostic: Leverage any storage, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Amazon Web Services seamlessly.
  •  Always Recover: Zerto Offsite Backup uses information replicated for DR purposes and leverages it for backup. It moves backup operations away from the production environment, dramatically reducing the strain on production workloads. ZVR now enables backup to public clouds, greatly simplifying hybrid cloud backup.


Zerto Virtual Replication delivers on the promise of hybrid cloud — enabling applications to be encapsulated and moved quickly and easily across the public and private cloud environment. Zerto Virtual Replication delivers hybrid cloud disaster recovery as well as full mobility and migration capabilities to get workloads in the right place for the right use case. IT Teams can now select the environment they need based on just two parameters, service level and price.

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