Capture the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud Agility | Zerto

Cloud Mobility

Zerto is the only enterprise-level replication and migration platform to offer bi-directional replication, making getting in and out of clouds simple.

Strengthen Your Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud Strategy

Zerto IT Resilience Platform lets you migrate and protect application workloads to, from, or between on-premises, public, private or managed clouds with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.

What is Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is the combination of private, public and community cloud services from different service providers. If you’re using Azure as a DR target for your on-premises environment, that’s hybrid cloud.

Multi-cloud refers to using two or more cloud offerings, such as Azure and AWS, either for different workloads or for redundancy.

Platform Agnostic Capabilities

Agnostic support of VMware, Hyper-V, IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure provides the mobility required to help you maximize a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

Analytics Across Clouds

Troubleshoot problem areas, allocate resources more effectively, and optimize workload performance across clouds. Powerful reports help IT teams have unparalleled visibility across their entire multi-site, multi-cloud environment—even if those environments are disparate.


Rather than utilizing disruptive agents within your virtual instances, Zerto natively integrates without any hardware components, ensuring little impact on your production environment.

Bi-Directional Cloud Agility

The ability to flow seamlessly to, from, and between heterogeneous cloud platforms and on-premises datacenters makes Zerto the only choice for true multi-cloud agility. Gain mobility between clouds with automated failback from AWS and intra-cloud replication between Azure regions.