Capture the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud Agility | Zerto

Hybrid Cloud and Mobility

Zerto is the only platform to provide the flexibility and breadth of capabilities to migrate and protect applications and data across private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid/multi-clouds.

Strengthen Your Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Strategy

The Zerto platform is based on continuous data protection to enable you to migrate and protect applications and data to, from, and between on-premises, public, or managed clouds.

What is Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is the combination of private and public cloud services from different cloud providers. For example, a hybrid approach could run production workloads in an on-premises datacenter and then use Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery or backup target.

Multi-cloud refers to using two or more cloud offerings, such as both Microsoft Azure and AWS. This strategy is typical when an organization has many cloud use cases and different requirements for different kinds of applications.

Platform-Agnostic Capabilities

Agnostic support of VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud provides the breadth of mobility required to help you maximize a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

Analytics Across Clouds

Troubleshoot problem areas, allocate resources more effectively, and optimize workload performance across clouds. Powerful dashboards and reports help IT teams have unparalleled visibility across their entire multi-site, multi-cloud environment—even if those environments are on different clouds and platforms.

Migrate With No Production Impact

Installs in minutes and easy to configure with no agents nor snapshots; natively integrates without any hardware components to ensure easy scale-out. Test recoveries or migrations, without production impact, with detailed reporting at every step.

Bi-Directional Cloud Agility

Built-in automation and orchestration to let you move seamlessly to, from, and between heterogeneous cloud platforms and on-premises datacenters. Achieve true multi-cloud workload mobility in a single platform with a consistent user experience.