Two Ways to Try Zerto Free - Zerto

Two Ways to Try Zerto Free

From Learning the Basics to Seeing Zerto in Action

Thank you for considering Zerto as a solution to meet your data protection and recovery needs, or as a way to streamline your IT Operations!

There are two ways you can learn more about the Zerto IT Resilience PlatformTM. Both options will give you a chance to experience the platform and evaluate Zerto based on your end goal.

Please see the table below to help you choose the option that best matches your needs.


Free On-Demand Labs Free Trial
Description Perfect for those looking to learn about the critical features & functionalities of the software, the on-demand labs have built-in, step-by-step instructions.
The training equips you with practical skills to setup, configure, and manage Zerto.
The free trial is ideal to evaluate Zerto in your own environment and run use cases specific to your business and operational needs.
The free trial delivers a high level of specificity or customization.
Validity Each lab is between 45-60 minutes.
There is no limit on how many times you can deploy a lab, so feel free to take each lab multiple times.
The full-featured Zerto solution is available for you to try for 14 Days
Infrastructure Zerto provides the infrastructure.
You only need a computer and an internet connection.
The free trial will run on your infrastructure in your environment.
Product Version Latest version (unless specified otherwise on a specific lab). Latest version
Installation No software downloads
No plug-ins
No License required
Software download required
Plug-ins may be required
Requires a license (provided with Trial)
Guidance / Training Online, step-by-step lab guide
No need to worry about the technical details.
We provide an installation guide. However, you’ll need to know the specifics of your own environment.
I want to access On-Demand Labs I want to start a Free Trial