Disaster Recovery You Can Trust - Zerto

Every organization is susceptible to downtime and data loss ‚Äď whether the cause is natural disaster, human error, or cyber-attack. In an always-on world, customers and stakeholders expect access to accurate data and applications on demand. Is your organization prepared to recover from a disruption or outage?

Explore and brush up on the fundamentals and strategies in our Disaster Recovery 101 eBook, including RTOs and RPOs, failover and failback, and steps you should take. Learn how to calculate the potential cost of downtime to your organization, and more importantly, how to mitigate it.

This guide will educate you on topics like:

  • How to evaluate¬†replication technologies
  • Measuring the cost of downtime
  • How to test your disaster recovery plan
  • Reasons why backup isn’t DR
  • Tips for leveraging the cloud
  • Mitigating IT threats like ransomware

Reinforce your organization’s business continuity strategy by getting a copy of the DR 101 eBook!

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