Comparison: Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery - Zerto
Comparison: Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery

Comparing Replication, Orchestration, and More 

Disaster recovery solutions are as old as the inception of IT. However, IT continues to evolve, especially with the introduction of the cloud. Are legacy technologies from two decades ago still suitable for your growing workloads and the increasing costs of downtime?  

If you are using NetApp or VMware backup, it’s time to take another look at your disaster recovery plan. How does your array-based replication hold up against modern alternatives? It’s time for a more integrated, virtually aware, and flexible solution: Zerto.  

Our comprehensive guide evaluates the technology and performance of several legacy backup solutions and compares them to Zerto. Explore these aspects for each one: 

  • Granularity in recovery 
  • Application protection and recovery 
  • Scalability 
  • Simplicity  
  • Visibility 

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Make an Informed Decision with the Zerto Versus Legacy Comparison Guide 

Your legacy backup and disaster recovery solution may seem like the safe answer because it’s familiar. But array-based replication, such as Dell EMC or NetApp, and software-based solutions, such as VMware Site Recovery Manager, have real limitations baked into their aging technology. These solutions lack the orchestration and automation for up-to-date disaster recovery. 

Zerto offers continuous data protection and provides disaster recovery with simplicity, enterprise scale, and agile data protection. Zerto’s industry-leading technology also features built-in orchestration and automation capabilities. 

Evaluating your organization’s approach to disaster recovery and virtualized IT environments can be confusing. Start finding the answers to your questions now in our free, detailed guide.

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