Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure

The Fastest Replication and Recovery Solution to Azure

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) offers the fastest replication and recovery solution to Microsoft Azure with enterprise-class features. Whether you are using VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, you can achieve significant cost savings by removing the need to provision and manage expensive physical DR sites. Utilize the power of Azure to have limitless on-demand capacity when you need it most, only paying for what you use. No other solution can simultaneously replicate VMs on premise and to Microsoft Azure with multi-VM consistency groupings, any-point-in-time recovery, RPOs in seconds and on-the -fly conversion to deliver RTOs in minutes — making Zerto Virtual Replication the only enterprise-class DR solution to Microsoft Azure.

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How it Works

Zerto Virtual Replication enables real-time replication of the VM block-level changes from your on-premise environment into Microsoft Azure with RPOs in seconds and automated on-the-fly conversion to deliver RTOs in minutes.

Reduce the Cost of DR

With Zerto Virtual Replication and Microsoft Azure the recovery VMs are only created when needed for a failover, test or migration operation. The day to day running cost in Azure is simply the D3 v2 Zerto management VM (ZCA) and the cheap blob storage for the replica disks. This makes Azure extremely cost effective and removes the need for a DR site altogether.

Enterprise-Class Protection & Recovery

Without consistency groupings, VMs are replicated and recovered to different points in time which can break recovery operations and increase the recovery time. Zerto Virtual Replication is the only solution that replicates to Microsoft Azure using multi-VM consistency groupings to enable the recovery of enterprise applications together, to the exact same point in time.

  • Recover multi-VM applications in Microsoft Azure
  • Re-wind and recover from any point in time
  • Consistent protection and recovery with RTOs in minutes
  • No snapshots and no performance overhead in production

Why Microsoft Azure?

With availability in 30 regions around the world with plans for an additional 8 regions, Microsoft Azure continues to expand the geographic availability of their cloud based services built for the enterprise. Gain access to limitless capacity of demand in the event of a disaster. Replicate to the nearest Microsoft Azure region without having the cost and complexity of provisioning your DR site. Microsoft Azure allows you to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing in a simple interface that anybody can manage.

Simple Installation

Zerto Virtual Replication for Microsoft Azure can be deployed, installed and running in under 1 hour:

  1. Download and install Zerto in your on-premise VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V environment with no downtime or impact
  2. Connect your on-premise datacenter to Azure using VPN or ExpressRoute
  3. Deploy Zerto Virtual Replication from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  4. Pair the Zerto infrastructures together to enable replication direct to Azure

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