Zerto IT Resilience Platform and Google VMware Engine | Zerto

Mobilize and Protect VMware Workloads on Google Cloud

With Zerto’s award-winning VMware-based replication and journaling technology and VMware on Google Cloud, you can seamlessly migrate workloads to Google Cloud without changing applications, enabling you to leverage the cloud for DR.

Use the cloud with the same familiar tools and processes you use on-premises today. Free up time to develop next-generation hybrid apps and services while reducing the operational burden on IT. Increase business agility by unlocking intelligent insights with Google services to analyze your data in real time and better connect with your customers.

Expand Your Hybrid Cloud Options with VMware on Google Cloud

Protect and migrate workloads in Google Cloud.

Why Zerto for VMware on Google Cloud?

The Zerto platform is designed to be hybrid and multi-cloud with the ability to replicate and failover between VMware on Google Cloud and any other Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere site. Zerto provides a fast and easy way to leverage the value of Google Cloud. Configuration and usage with VMware on Google Cloud are nearly identical to a user’s on-premises VMware environment.

How Zerto for Google VMware Engine Works ?


Continuous Data Protection: With always-on replication and journal-based recovery, Zerto helps you seamlessly rewind and recover entire sites, applications, VMs, and individual files.

Application Consistency: Innovative consistency groupings allow for DR replication, migration, and recovery of all VMs associated with an application to or from VMware on Google Cloud in the event of an application failure, site-wide outage, or planned migration. All VMs are restored as a consistent digital twin of the production VMs in Google Cloud.

Orchestration & Automation: Remove complex, manual processes with runbook automation. Applications will recover using pre-defined settings, such as boot order, network configuration, and optional re-IP.

Hybrid Cloud Visibility: Built-in to the IT Resilience Platform, Zerto Analytics simplifies multi-site management by delivering a comprehensive view of all your environments, whether on-premises, private, or public cloud. With intelligent dashboards, monitoring and reporting, users can maintain complete visibility of their entire digital estate’s protection and performance status.

Zerto for VMware on Google Cloud


Key Benefits

Ease of Use

Be installed and replicating to VMware on Google Cloud in under two hours, with the same tools you use on-premises.

Best Performance

Experience industry leading RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.

Multi-Cloud Enabled

Multi-cloud capability with replication to, from, and between VMware on Google Cloud sites.

No Production Impact

No agents, no snapshots, and no guest VM impact. Test recovery without production impact at any time with just three clicks.