5 Reasons to Switch from Dell RecoverPoint for VM to Zerto - Zerto
5 Reasons to Switch from Dell RecoverPoint for VM to Zerto

Are You Using Dell RecoverPoint for VM or Evaluating It Against Zerto for DR or Backup?

If you’re using Dell RecoverPoint for VM and are concerned about its lack of backup, long-term retention, and file restore capabilities, look no further. Consider the innovations Zerto brings to the table, including long-term retention with immutability in low-cost storage and RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes for all applications.  

Zerto provides a solution for all your DR and backup needs with significant advantages over Dell RecoverPoint for VM, including: 

  • Continuous data protection (CDP) with extended journal times 
  • Consistent backup and recovery for your applications 
  • Scale and ease of use 
  • Orchestration and automation 
  • Total cost of ownership 

Download the datasheet to learn about the differences between each solution and how Zerto can help to resolve your data security concerns. 

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Zerto vs. Dell RecoverPoint for VM—Competitive Comparison

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Today’s IT world is changing rapidly. To stay ahead, you need a flexible and agile IT strategy to meet your organization’s ever-changing requirements. Zerto delivers this flexibility by providing CDP in a scalable, software-only solution. 

Zerto supports multiple hypervisors and clouds, ensuring your data is not locked up in a single platform. Dell RecoverPoint for VM, however, supports CDP for VMware to VMware environments only. As a result, your data is locked inside that environment and your on-premises cost and management increases. 

Zerto also provides the simplicity you need in a data protection solution. It can be set up in just a few hours and can scale up and down with your environment, guaranteeing the perfectly sized solution for your organization’s needs. Dell RecoverPoint for VM, however, can be difficult to size, install, and maintain.  

Interested in learning more about Zerto? Review the datasheet for a detailed comparison between Zerto and Dell RecoverPoint for VM and for more information about the importance of backup, long-term retention, and application mobility in your DR system. 

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Read our datasheet to learn about 5 advantages that Zerto has over RecoverPoint for VM.