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Real-Time Hypervisor-Based Replication

In 2011, Zerto introduced hypervisor-based replication to the world. By moving replication up the stack from the storage layer into the hypervisor, Zerto created the first and only replication solution that delivers enterprise-class, virtual replication and BC/DR capabilities for the data center and the cloud.

How Does Replication in the Hypervisor Work?

Learn more about the Zerto’s Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) and architecture.

Why Replicate Within the Hypervisor?

Unlike some replication technologies that offer data protection with cumbersome snapshots and agents, Zerto’s solution provides continuous replication with zero impact on application performance. One low-CPU VM installed directly on the hypervisor hosts—a virtual replication appliance—is at the core of Zerto’s innovation. This enables every write made to any protected VM’s disks to be copied to the recovery site with no impact on storage latency or production performance. Hypervisor-based replication integrates with all supported platforms natively, meaning it is hardware agnostic and supports many hypervisors and cloud platforms. It also supports the full breadth of capabilities made possible by virtualization, including high availability, clustering, and the ability to locate and replicate volumes in motion.

Unmatched Replication Granularity

How granular can recovery with Zerto be? Gain the ability to replicate at the correct level of any virtual entity—be it a single virtual machine, a group of virtual machines, or a virtual application such as VMware vApp.  

Scalable to any Size Infrastructure

Tens of VMs or scaling to thousands? Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication solution software can be deployed and managed easily, no matter the infrastructure size or how fast it expands. It also enables administrators to perform operations and configure policies at the virtual machine or application level.

Ease of Use

With no guest-host requirements or additional hardware footprint, Zerto’s solution is easy to manage. It simply resides in the hypervisor, enabling centralized management from the virtual management console (such as VMWare VCenter).

Works with Any Hardware

Hypervisor-based replication supports all storage arrays, including Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS), as well as virtual disk types such as Raw Device Mapping (RDM) and VMWare File System (VMFS).

Easily Move Applications

Only hypervisor-based replication allows virtual machines to move from one physical server or array logical unit (data store) to another in real-time—while maintaining full replication. Features such as VMware vMotion can be utilized easily with Zerto, maintaining an admin’s ability to manage applications, even as their VMs are in motion.

Near-Synchronous Replication

Software-based asynchronous replication is much cheaper, more practical and easier to deploy and support. Yet, Zerto achieves nearly identical replication benefits found in expensive hardware-based synchronous replication solutions, with RTOs of minutes and RPOs of seconds.

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