VMworld 2012 Day 2 Roundup

This is a guest post from Gabriel van Zanten, vExpert, who is blogging during the show from the Zerto blog.

Just like Monday, we started with a keynote again today. Steve Herrod showed us how the experience of the end-user would change in the next few years and which VMWare products would contribute to this.

VMWare has some great products up its sleeve. We saw a laptop running Windows XP getting an new Windows 7 image pushed on to it in the background while the user continued working in his XP image. After the push was complete a simple reboot brought the user into his new Windows 7 image, retaining all his profile settings and applications.

This is all made possible through a new product called Mirage, which VMWare incorporated with the acquisition of Wanova, earlier this year. Mirage will break a PC image into pieces that a user can change and another piece the user can’t change and then reassemble that image on the fly when deployed to a user.

The demo showed how this image could travel along with the user because a copy was kept in the data center, so when the user ‘lost’ his laptop he could easily switch to any other device that had a VMWare View client and retrieve his desktop through VDI. Very impressive.

VMWare also showed the full potential of Horizon, combined with AppBlast and VMWare Mobile. Where VMWare Mobile first originated as a mobile hypervisor on Android, VMWare now delivers sandboxed apps to the Apple iOS devices which is a slight change in methodology there.

The demos look great and I can’t wait to test all this new stuff, reality however tells us that we might have to wait a long time, since AppBlast which was announced VMworld 2011, still hasn’t been released!

The rest of my day I spent visiting the Solutions Exchange. Seeing a great new release from StorMagic with their vSAN, which has become easier to deploy than ever. With SvSAN you take your local disks from your ESXi host, combine them into a SvSAN mirror group using their virtual appliance and connect to another SvSAN mirror group and create fully redundant iSCSI storage for your vSphere environment. The SvSAN wizard will even create the iSCSI connections on the ESXi hosts for you.

I also talked a lot with Nutanix on their way of offering storage to ESXi hosts or actually any hypervisor you would want to use. Nutanix offers a chassis including up to 4 ESXi hosts with local storage connected which runs the special designed Nutanix distributed file system. This file system can grow to infinity and is always redundant. Cool stuff!

The night was spent with Zerto at their Customer appreciation party at B Restaurant across from Moscone. Great food and drinks, and even better company — great chatting with @virtual_bill @wsellers @zertocorp and @c_weil

Looking forward to day 3…

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