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Zerto Launch: Challenging the Threat of Ransomware in a Multi-Cloud World

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The estimated global cost of ransomware by 2031¹ is $265 billion dollars—and just one click by an otherwise-conscientious employee exposes you to data loss, business disruption, potential brand reputation damage, and financial cost. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating more employees working remotely, the potential of distractions of the home office are just one example of how the possibility of an attack increases.

Despite your best efforts at prevention, with the threat of ransomware on the rise, it’s not a matter of if, but when your organization will face an attack. Moving to the cloud has accelerated, but even PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS are not immune, so full spectrum protection across VMs, containers, and cloud-native instances is the new IT imperative.

In the fight against cyberattacks, Zerto’s spring 2022 release elevates ransomware resilience with new capabilities designed to help customers recover from an attack in minutes, at scale, and to modernize their data protection in a multi-cloud world. These enhancements will provide our customers with:

  • NEW ransomware recovery capabilities for all apps – virtual, Kubernetes, in-cloud, and SaaS
  • NEW supported cloud platforms
  • NEW secure management layers bringing in-depth data protection defense
  • Enhancements to Zerto In-Cloud for AWS

You can watch our on-demand launch webcast for all the details but read on for more hints about the latest enhancements coming your way.

Don’t Be a Ransomware Statistic

Ransomware is an ever-present and growing threat, with consequences that are becoming increasingly serious and costly. An alarmingly high percentage of organizations face malicious cyberattacks each year. For instance, in a 2022 survey IDC commissioned by Zerto, respondents reported an average of 19.3 attacks (all types) and 2.3 ransomware attacks in the past year. Furthermore, 93% of organizations have suffered a data-related business disruption during the past 12 months and 67.8% of respondents have suffered four or more of such disruptions. What’s worse is that 59.6% of respondents suffering an attack said they had experienced unrecoverable data.

But only large organizations should be concerned, right? Regrettably, no. Hackers routinely target smaller-sized organizations, assuming they lack the resources to properly protect their data. So, whether your organization is large or small, the threat of ransomware is real, and the cost—in data-loss, downtime, and dollars—can be staggering.

Hit a Moving Target

Just last year, the May 2021 Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack caused severe gas shortages in many states and, according to Bloomberg², resulted in a $4.4 million ransom paid. Although they paid the ransom, the decryption key worked slowly, adding to the downtime and disruption.

Even worse, ransomware attacks are evolving. Attempting to side-step enhanced cyber security protocols, hackers refine their attacks to capitalize on any vulnerability. New tactics like ransomware through third-party vectors and double-extortion attacks have caught organizations off-guard and compromised their data.

With hackers using ever-changing strategies, cyber security is a moving target. You need protection that will prevent the effectiveness of various ransomware attacks by providing data recovery options that foil the efforts of hackers. Zerto does just this.

Prevent the Success of Evolving Ransomware Strategies with Zerto’s CDP

Due to the constantly changing data security landscape, Zerto constantly improves and enhances solutions with new features and capabilities with an emphasis on data recovery to prevent business disruption and unrecoverable data.

Organizations that protect their data with Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) can be confident that when they face a ransomware attack, they can—with just a few clicks—roll back to a point in time just seconds before the attack. With Zerto’s industry leading RPOs and RTOs, they will be back up and running within minutes.

Zerto Launches Enhanced Protection Across Clouds

From more immutability options and security enhancements to expanded cloud platform support, our spring 2022 release is the next milestone in providing a best-in-class solution for our customers as they modernize their data protection and accelerate cloud adoption.

We are excited to announce new and enhanced ransomware recovery capabilities for all apps – virtual, Kubernetes, in-cloud, and SaaS.

Watch our Webcast to Learn How to Best Protect Your Data

But these are just the highlights. There’s much more to learn about the newest Zerto release, as well as IDC research insights on the state of ransomware and disaster recovery and key drivers for data protection.

Watch our Zerto on-demand Launch webcast to catch all the details on how Zerto is constantly working toward ransomware recovery in a multi-cloud world.


1 Cybercrime Magazine – Global Ransomware Damage Costs Predicted to Exceed $265 Billion By 2031

2 Bloomberg – Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom

Caroline Seymour
VP, Product Marketing

Caroline Seymour is the VP, Product Marketing for Zerto, based in Boston, US. In this role Caroline leads the overall product marketing strategy and execution for Zerto. Prior to Zerto, Caroline was at IBM for nine years and before that Cognos. Caroline has a wealth of experience in the Enterprise software space from the many roles she has held in Europe and in North America.