Top Five Takeaways from VMworld 2013, DR Edition

vmworld 2013 Backup and Disaster Recovery continue to be hot topics of discussion at VMworld. What those terms mean in a virtual environment and how companies are achieving DR are topics discussed in many sessions, and by many attendees. We list here our top five takeaways from VMworld 2013 on disaster recovery in virtualized environments; two of those are from statements made by VMWare, and three are takeaways from a DR roundtable session.

1. DRaaS is the number one cloud growth engine. vCloud Hybrid Service announcing their Disaster Recovery as a Service roadmap is yet another indication that the market sees DRaaS as the number one cloud growth engine, something we have believed since 2011. Cloud DR is the logical on-ramp to greater cloud adoption by enterprises both big and small. One nice shout out to Zerto came at the #VSVC4570 VCDX session — when the panelists were asked about vSphere Replication to vCHS — and they recommended Zerto!

2. VMWare also made statements about production workload migration as a significant piece of their Hybrid Cloud offering. Workload migration and mobility is being highlighted because it is much more complex than it need be, and also because it’s an obvious use-case for hybrid cloud. VMWare, Zerto and other companies are acknowledging and addressing this market need.

At the “DR Roundtable” session, officially, “BCO1003-GD — Disaster Recovery and Replication with Ken Werneburg,” Ken led a group discussion around DR and Replication — how it’s being used, what products are popular…

What did we take from the session?

3. There’s still a lot of confusion on BC/DR vs Backup and the concept of Hypervisor-based replication vs storage-based replication. We’ve seen this confusion in the marketplace; so we’ve addressed the Disaster Recovery vs Backup discussion here and also created a comprehensive comparison of the many DR solutions being used in virtualized data centers.

4. Vendors are asking end-users to make concessions on having true enterprise class DR vs having more virtual aware technologies that reduce complexity. We don’t think that’s a tradeoff that any company needs to make. BC/DR can be robust, high-end, scalable and still be flexible and simple to use. Some comments from Ken and the crowd:

“Stop replicating LUNs” — we agree

“VM mobility is compromised when using storage-based replication” — totally

5. Enterprises are trying to grasp where the cloud comes into their data center strategy going forward, and a major consideration is protecting the assets that are being sent to the cloud.

Surprisingly, in one of the polls taken during the session 45% said they had no DR solution in place today, but that they are looking to change that. Companies wishing to try DR for virtualized and cloud environments that is simple to use, enterprise-class and cost-effective can contact us for a free trial.

We created a “storify” list of the Zerto VMworld activities — Have a look!

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