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Cloud Disaster Recovery: Selecting the Right Cloud Platform and Solution as an I&O Leader

April 27, 2020

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of many organizations. Whether it was supporting a larger volume of remote workers, accelerated cloud adoption, or even driving new digital business models, we’re all tasked with rethinking our approach to IT.   A major challenge is that most organizations have to tackle these issues with a stringent budget and an […]

Just Google It: Three is the Magic Number in the Cloud!

April 17, 2020

With the launch of Zerto 8 in March, we shared our excitement about our new partnership with Google! While we have great partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), it always felt like something was missing. With the Google partnership, we’ve finally added the third big public cloud provider to our list of […]

Four Pitfalls that can Rain on Your Cloud Strategy

November 8, 2019

In today’s IT-driven digital business, the focus on cloud is a huge and everyone wants a piece of it. Rightly so because the cloud offers flexibility without additional capital expenditure with the added benefit of tapping into on demand resources. Gartner even believes that by 2022, cloud services will be essential for 90% of business […]

Zerto Introduces the General Availability of New Features and Functionality with the Release of Zerto 7.5 Azure Update

November 4, 2019

Zerto is delighted to introduce the general availability of new features and functionality with the release of Zerto 7.5 Azure Platform Update.  Zerto has partnered with the Microsoft Azure Storage Team to enable support for Incremental Snapshots of Azure Managed Disks. When customers choose to upgrade, they will realize huge value from the pursuit of pure performance, robust service levels […]

Zerto 7.0: Scaling in the Public Cloud Hyperscalers

April 25, 2019

Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric lightbulb, once said “there’s a way to do it better – find it”. This is something of a mantra for Zerto right now. As a proven leader in cloud mobility and protection, it’s that strive for continued innovation that sets true leaders apart. With this in mind, one of […]

Private Cloud for the Enterprise Customer

July 20, 2018

With the growing trend of cloud computing and public cloud offerings many IT organizations are looking at what cloud service might be the best fit for them. Some organizations make the decision that they would like to move towards an “all-in” public cloud strategy, or a hybrid cloud strategy. Companies must decide to either migrate […]

The Time Has Come to Get Serious About Your Cloud Strategy

May 11, 2018

When it comes to developing a cloud strategy, for many organizations, the struggle is real.  It is a challenge to even know where to begin. “Developing a Practical Cloud Strategy for Traditional Data Centers,” is a report by Storage Switzerland, a leading storage analyst firm, that lays out the steps to establishing a practical cloud […]

Configuring AWS for Zerto IT Resilience Platform

April 2, 2018

By now, it’s no secret that the IT Resilience Platform that Zerto has come to be known as offers complete flexibility when it comes to multi-cloud agility.  This agility allows businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and truly take advantage of what the public cloud platform offers – ensuring even more freedom to choose your […]

Using Azure Quickstart to Deploy Zerto Cloud Appliance

March 26, 2018

Overview While deploying the Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) in Azure is straightforward, it does require that a Resource Group, networking, and network security groups (NSGs) exist in Azure already. We wanted to eliminate the separate pre-requisite build steps and have the Resource Group, Network, NSGs, and storage all deploy along with the ZCA. Fortunately, Microsoft […]

Gain IT Resilience with Zerto and IBM Cloud

March 6, 2018

In the ever-demanding world of 24/7/365, no business can afford any downtime expected or unexpected. Business resiliency is no longer just a nice to have but a requirement for doing business in the 21st century. With Zerto and IBM Cloud, your business can remain always available no matter what happens. IBM Cloud gives you the […]