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Multi-Volume Crash Consistency—The Power of Azure Crash-Consistent Snapshots and Zerto Integration

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Earlier this year, Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, released Zerto 10 with some exciting new features, enhancing how it protects VMs to, from, and within Microsoft Azure. Azure is a powerful cloud platform for running VMs, their data, and their applications, making it a popular choice in cloud and multi-cloud strategies around the world.

We are excited to introduce multi-volume crash consistency, the latest collaboration between Microsoft and the Zerto Product and Engineering teams. Using Azure crash-consistent snapshots and Zerto integration, this powerful combination empowers organizations with comprehensive data protection measures, safeguarding critical data and ensuring business continuity at the VM level.

What Is Multi-Volume Crash Consistency?

When a VM has multiple virtual disks, data protection like snapshots or replication must synchronize those disks to make sure they are all protected to the same point in time. A recovery point where the disks are out of sync could put the VM, as well as its data and application, in an unrecoverable state.

In disaster recovery scenarios, achieving multi-volume crash consistency is crucial for maintaining data integrity during Azure failback and replication across regions. With Azure crash-consistent snapshots, Zerto can now create VM-level, crash-consistent restore points using underlying snapshots on VMs with multiple virtual disks. This integration allows organizations to benefit from granular recovery points that maintain crash consistency across all VM volumes.

Seamless Integration for Precise Recovery

Zerto Virtual Replication Appliances (VRAs) capture all VM restore points within a restore point collection, while Zerto journals the recovery points as it checkpoints. Leveraging Azure crash-consistent snapshots, Zerto accurately preserves VM states, enabling precise recovery to specific points in time. This seamless integration between Azure and Zerto provides organizations with powerful data protection capabilities and peace of mind.

Advantages of Azure and Zerto Collaboration

By combining Azure’s robust infrastructure with Zerto’s industry-leading expertise in disaster recovery and data protection, organizations gain access to comprehensive solutions for mitigating risks and maintaining operational continuity. Azure and Zerto integration provide many benefits, from a highly elastic cloud infrastructure platform for disaster recovery to cost-effective Azure Blob Storage.

Azure VM-level, multi-volume, crash-consistent snapshots enable Zerto customers to achieve multi-volume crash consistency and access precise recovery points on VMs with multiple virtual disks. This integration offers valuable data protection measures, allowing businesses to navigate the ever-evolving data landscape with confidence.

Secure Your Data, Ensure Business Continuity

With multi-volume crash consistency powered by Azure crash-consistent snapshots and Zerto integration, your critical data is safeguarded and your business continuity remains intact. Trust the combined strength of Azure and Zerto to protect your data, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without worrying about potential disruptions.

We are excited about this significant advancement in data protection and disaster recovery. Embrace the power of multi-volume crash consistency to elevate your data protection strategy with Azure and Zerto. Strengthen your resilience and ensure the longevity of your business in the face of challenge.

David Paquette
Product Marketing Manager

David Paquette is a Product Marketing Manager at Zerto. He has over 20 years of experience in disaster recovery, backup, and business continuity solutions. Prior to Zerto, David was a Product Marketing Manager at Scale Computing working with hyperconverged infrastructure, edge computing, and DRaaS solutions. Previous to Scale Computing, David worked for over 17 years at Double-Take Software/Vision Solutions in various roles from software testing, systems engineering, product marketing, and product management.