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Embracing Hybrid Cloud – What Can Zerto Do For You?

With so many organizations looking to find ways to embrace the public cloud without compromising the security of their data and applications, a hybrid cloud strategy is rapidly becoming the preferred method of efficiently delivering IT services.

While it’s all very well-and-good deciding that a hybrid cloud strategy is the way forward, successfully creating an environment that allows you to really take advantage of the best of both worlds – and have the freedom and flexibility to do so at will – is far easier said than done.

Just getting to the cloud in the first place can be a major hurdle.  Surely moving services and applications into the cloud is going to cause all kinds of disruption?  How do you know you can even trust the cloud to run your production applications smoothly?  What if you just want to dip your toes in and just run some test/dev there?  Or what if you just want to take advantage of all that cheap storage that’s suddenly available???

Then of course there’s the obvious question – how do I protect all the information I want to put in the cloud?!?

Understanding how to on-ramp into the cloud, what you can achieve with the cloud and how to maintain protection of your applications wherever they reside are key to building a resilient hybrid cloud infrastructure.  To help you address these concerns and make informed decisions when embarking on your hybrid cloud journey, Zerto has created the Hybrid Cloud Guide.

The guide aims to provide you with an understanding of the driving factors behind why the cloud is being adopted en-masse, as well as advice on how to begin building your own cloud strategy.

  • Why Cloud?
  • Getting there Safely
  • IT Resilience in the Hybrid Cloud
  • The Power of Microsoft Azure and Zerto

You’ll find out how, by embracing the cloud, organizations can achieve true IT Resilience – the ability to withstand any disruption, confidently embrace change and focus on business.