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Part 3 – One-to-Many with Zerto for AWS

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is rapidly growing due to the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of their services. According to a 2022 report by Synergy Research Group, AWS is the market leader in cloud infrastructure services, accounting for 33 percent of the global market share(1). An increasing number of businesses are choosing AWS because it offers a faster and more reliable way to manage their computing resources as they move their IT infrastructures to the cloud.

However, these organizations are learning that cloud adoption can be challenging: they often struggle to migrate complex, inefficient, legacy technologies that were never truly designed for the cloud. Being able to migrate, manage, protect, and recover data and applications to and in the cloud using purpose-built cloud technologies is the key to successful cloud adoption and digital transformation.

This final blog post in the one-to-many replication series will discuss how to leverage Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to protect and migrate on-premises VMs to EC2 instances with one-to-many replication. We also discuss how Zerto in Cloud for AWS can protect and recover Amazon EC2 instances across Availability Zones (AZs) and AWS Regions, scaling to recover thousands of virtual instances with cloud-native disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery: On-Premises to AWS using Zerto One-To-Many

Zerto accelerates and enhances an organization’s AWS journey with a combination of simple and efficient workload mobility, data protection, and disaster recovery (DR). Zerto’s one-to-many replication is a powerful feature that allows businesses to replicate their critical workloads from one location to multiple target locations simultaneously.

Zerto’s one-to-many DR feature is proven to be highly effective at failing over from on-premises to AWS. In this process, the Zerto Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) replicates on-premises workloads to the Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) in AWS. By replicating data from the source to the target in real time, Zerto ensures minimal data loss from a disaster.

While there is no limit to the number of ZCAs that can be provisioned, a VM can only belong to a maximum of three Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs).

Leveraging the Zerto one-to-many replication feature in this format reaps significant benefits, including reduced recovery time objectives (RTO) and business continuity during a disaster. Using AWS as a DR site also saves costs, as you only pay for what you use with limitless burst capacity. And because Zerto only creates EC2 instances in AWS during a test, live recovery, or migration using pre-configured sizing and network settings, your recovery efforts are simplified.

This feature can greatly help solutions architects design AWS DR architectures(2). Best for “Pilot Light” and “Warm Standby” architectures, Zerto can fail over from on-premises to one AWS Region while migrating other virtual instances to a different region. For example, one VPG protecting EC2 instances in the U.S. East (Virginia) Region fails over operations to the U.S. West (N. California) Region. Users can simultaneously create another VPG that can migrate the same EC2 instances to a different AWS Region, which “pre-warms” the location.

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Multiregion and Multi-AZ DR: Zerto In-Cloud for AWS One to Many

Built for scale and speed of recovery, Zerto In-Cloud for AWS complements existing Zerto features by introducing a resilient, cloud-native architecture that protects Amazon EC2 instances.

Zerto In-Cloud for AWS empowers users with the ability to logically select all EC2 instances that make up a particular application. This protects groups of instances as single logical entity and recovers them together, which greatly reduces application downtime in a disaster. Testing failovers frequently and non-disruptively in an isolated environment provides users with the confidence to create a recovery workflow and set clear expectations for stakeholders.

Zerto In-Cloud for AWS enables global region coverage to, from, and between 17 major AWS Regions and AZs, which supports DR from one-to-many regions (with up to three targets simultaneously).

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AWS is rapidly growing, but for many organizations, adopting the cloud is a slower process. Zerto simplifies and accelerates slow cloud adoption by supporting one-to-many replication with the largest cloud infrastructure provider in the world. Zerto In-Cloud allows organizations to replicate to multiple Regions simultaneously and reduce RTOs and costs in the process. With cloud-native DR and scalability in the thousands, Zerto In-Cloud for AWS is ready to help organizations transform their digital operations quickly and cost-effectively.

Anthony Dutra

Anthony Dutra is a Technical Marketing Manager (TME) at Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Company who specializes in solution architecture, designing microservices in the public cloud, and developing web3 (blockchain) applications. For the past decade, Anthony has leveraged his Master’s in IT Management to become a trusted technical partner with organizations seeking to modernize their data center or migrate to the cloud.