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Announcing Zerto on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared

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We added disaster recovery to public cloud with VMware vCloud Director (vCD).

Modern midsize and SMB organizations continue to unlock the operational and infrastructure benefits of the cloud, especially hybrid-cloud solutions like IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared. IBM’s solution removes capital expenditures, added labor, and maintenance required in traditional on-premises data centers.

Through its new inclusion of Zerto into the IBM vCD offering, IBM is unlocking Continuous Data Protection for industry leading disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility for IBM Cloud for VMware users. This means one simple software experience for all virtualized application recoveries, management, and protection. These organizations can drastically reduce downtime and data loss and focus on business growth and operational excellence without the threat of downtime.

Discover the Zerto Difference

As organizations accelerate their adoption of cloud for storage and computing, ensuring availability and data protection are imperatives for success. Downtime, whether on-premises or in the cloud, is costly and a disruption to revenue.  

IBM’s partnership with Zerto unlocks the use of a robust hybrid-cloud solution with the protection, management, and recovery capabilities of Zerto. A software-only experience for all recovery scenarios, DR to backup. Zerto accelerates and simplifies your use of IBM with the following continuous data protection capabilities:

  • Always-on replication. Zerto’s near-synchronous replication sits at the hypervisor level. Using Change Block Tracking (CBT), it creates thousands of recovery points to unlock RPOs of seconds for users with no impact on production environments. No more snapshots or costly array-based replication.
  • Journal-based recovery. Zerto’s journaling technology allows the simple, easy recovery of files, folder, VMs, applications and entire sites. Simply select a desired checkpoint at any point in time and recover in a few clicks without impact to production.
  • Application consistency. Recover entire multi-VM applications in a few clicks, consistently. This brings RTOs of minutes and a simple way to recover with an application-centric approach without the usual challenges of traditional incremental backups.
  • Simplicity at scale. Even small to medium firms need scalability. The Zerto and IBM solution gives you built-in orchestration, automation, and analytics that streamline operations spanning multiple applications, data centers, and multi-cloud environments. You can spend less while consolidating and modernizing your datacenters.

Zerto on IBM Cloud VMware Solutions Shared

You know IBM has an affordable multi-tenant, self-service cloud solution: IBM Cloud VMware Solutions Shared. Now you know about the Zerto disaster recovery and backup solution. But will they really integrate seamlessly, or is this one more headache in the making for you?

Don’t worry. We’ve got this covered. IBM Cloud is built on the familiar VMware platform, and Zerto comes built in. We make it easy via:

  • Single click deployment from the IBM Cloud for VMware Shared Portal
  • RPO (seconds) + RTO (minutes) options when you need to recover data
  • Hourly Zerto licenses and Zerto Cloud Connect instances
  • Cross hypervisor replication from/to AWS, Azure, VMware, and Hyper-V
  • IBM Cloud manages the Zerto infrastructure
  • Seamless VM failover/failback and migration
  • No compute resources are needed until you initiate failover or testing

To learn more about IBM Cloud and Zerto

The IBM vCD solution was already a good thing; now it’s better. Zerto gives you the power to manage all your backup and data recovery in the cloud, in a VMware environment, and when something goes wrong, recovery is a few keystrokes away. IBM Cloud VMware Solution Shared with Zerto is available starting April 5, 2021.

To learn more about Zerto and the IBM vCD solutionregister for ZertoCON and attend our IBM session: