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Accelerate IT Transformation and Innovation

IT resilience is the ability to seamlessly adapt to change while protecting your business and customers from disruptions. An IT resilient mode of operations allows you to be ready for any type of disruption, planned or unplanned, so you can mitigate the risk of downtime and focus on the projects that drive transformation.

Three Key Elements of IT Resilience

An IT resilience strategy combines continuous availability, workload mobility, and multi-cloud agility to ensure you can withstand any disruption, leverage new technology seamlessly, and move forward with confidence.

Continuous Availability
Protect against any disruption – whether planned or unplanned — to deliver an always-on customer experience.

Workload Mobility
From migrations to consolidations – you have the confidence to move application and data workloads with ease, and with complete protection

Multi-Cloud Agility
Leverage cloud to accelerate your business and truly take advantage of what cloud offers, ensuring you have the freedom to choose your cloud and the ability to move to, from and between clouds without vendor lock-in

Solve for IT Resilience

With Zerto you can protect and manage for the unplanned disruptions and spend more time focusing on the planned disruption that drive business value, while mitigating risks and accelerating transformation and innovation.

Achieve IT Resilience with Zerto

Zerto delivers an industry leading IT Resilience platform, combining continuous availability, orchestration and automation to accelerate multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud adoption. Providing IT leaders with simplicity, enterprise scale and agile data protection, Zerto enables businesses to deliver superior customer experience and accelerate digital transformation—all in one platform for IT resilience.

Continuous Data Protection
Continuous Data Protection is the foundation for enabling IT resilience. With best of breed replication and the fastest RTOs and shortest RPOs, it’s not only data but business oriented application recovery. The Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ addresses long-term retention of data and applications providing a single solution for all your data protection needs.

Orchestration and Automation is built in
You can’t modernize and innovate if it’s not automated or simple. With Zerto you can do so faster and with minimal touch, allowing IT to shift focus to leveraging new technologies to drive innovation and implementing services that create business efficiencies. Minimize risk and accelerate innovation of your IT operations with non-disruptive testing without impact to production.

Analytics and Control
Zerto Analytics provides complete visibility across your multi-site, multi-cloud environments and the confidence that you can meet the business SLAs and audit or compliance requirements. Zerto gives you the ability to monitor site-to-site and outbound traffic and 30 days of network history metrics for any site. Gain insight into your network and throughput performance with live network analysis dashboards and reports.

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