IT Resilience

Eye tee rəˈzilyəns/ noun; The capacity of an enterprise to move beyond Disaster Recovery and build an IT infrastructure that embraces change, mitigates any disaster or interruption and creates uninterrupted business.

What is IT Resilience?

IT Resilience is a more proactive approach to business continuity, which focuses on continuous availability of business-critical data rather than focusing on recovery after the fact. Automation and simplification of replication and recovery are key parts of resilience, which ensure companies can prove the availability of their applications and data at any time.

How is IT Resilience Different from Disaster Recovery?

Today, IT disruptions aren’t usually hurricanes, floods or fires. It’s more often related to a power outage, ransomware attack or deploying new infrastructure. To achieve IT Resilience, an organization must shift their thinking beyond backup and disaster recovery and work towards a complete solution with no dependencies on hypervisors, hardware, or clouds. The solution must include the ability to respond quickly to planned and unplanned disruptions.

Resilient Organizations Embrace Innovation

Incorporating new technologies can be a major disruptor to IT. Many organizations are expected to quickly implement a cloud strategy or to consolidate datacenters. Without a need to focus on hypervisors, storage or clouds, resilient organizations can respond quickly to new technologies, deploy cloud-based services and easily shift to new technologies when the need arises. Imagine migrating applications and data over to a new flash array in a day or moving applications between public clouds – something possible within a resilient infrastructure built on Zerto Virtual Replication.

Moving to Cloud Can Drive Enterprise Resilience

Zerto provides the platform for companies who choose to use the cloud to meet IT demands for better protection and recoverability. Zerto enables easy migrations to and from cloud environments, analytics to see data protection status, and automated failover and failback, even from public clouds. By simplifying the mobilization and protection of applications in clouds, Zerto enables companies to use their infrastructure in new, flexible, agile ways.

Zerto Customers Achieve Resilience

Zerto customers are confident in the resilience of their infrastructure. With the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform, organizations can embrace change and withstand any disaster, so they can focus on their business. A Zerto customer always has access to their business-critical applications and data so they’re confident their business and brand are protected.

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