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Data Mobility

Simple Enterprise IT Resilience: Mobility and Flexibility

August 28, 2017

Mobility and flexibility are two defining characteristics of a viable resilience strategy. Now more than ever, enterprises are beginning to see the cloud as a realistic option for hosting critical workloads and data. However, two big questions that are holding companies back from taking the leap of faith are: How do I get there? What […]

ZVR 5.0 One-To-Many Use Case No.5 – Protection During Migrations

October 27, 2016

When it comes to changing your DR site, be it to a new datacenter, co-location space, cloud provider or public cloud, maintaining replication for disaster recovery can be challenging. This results in significant windows of unprotected VMs and data introducing risk and complexity. To help explain the problem let’s take a look at some common […]

ZVR 5.0 One-To-Many Use Case No.4 – Protect Interdependent Applications

October 25, 2016

Many organizations rely on applications and databases continuously updating each other in order to facilitate processes across multiple business units and systems. To help explain let’s take a typical scenario of a user who logs into application X, creates a new customer record, generates an order to be processed, invoice to be issued, delivery to […]

ZVR 5.0 One-To-Many Use Case No.3 – Recover Applications & Individual VMs Easily

October 18, 2016

One of the key technologies of Zerto’s Virtual Replication (ZVR) is the Virtual Protection Group (VPG). The VPG mechanism is used for protecting and recovering application VMs together to a consistent point in time. Consistency is maintained across all the disks in a single VM or between all the disks and VMs in a multi-VM […]

ZVR 5.0 One-To-Many Use Case No.2 – On-Premise & Public Cloud Replication

October 14, 2016

With Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 5.0 One-To-Many replication you can simultaneously protect VMs within your local datacenter, to a secondary datacenter and to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services all with RPOs in seconds using the same software solution. Come again? Yes, that’s what I said! The same VMs to 3 different targets all running […]

ZVR 5.0 One-To-Many Use Case No.1 – Recover Directly to Production

October 10, 2016

With Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 5.0 One-To-Many replication, VMs can now be simultaneously protected both locally and to a remote site with always-on block-level replication, point in time recovery journaling and each replica just seconds behind the production data. This enables fast, local, file and VM-level recovery from logical failures by enabling the recovery of […]

One-To-Many Replication with Zerto Virtual Replication v5.0

October 6, 2016

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 5.0 introduces the new capability of One-To-Many replication which I am really excited about. In my opinion it extends the lead of ZVR as the fastest, most powerful replication and recovery solution for Virtual Machines (VMs), files and data. For many customers it could even remove the need and headache of […]