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Introducing Zerto 6.5 — Advancing Continuous Backup, Cloud Mobility and Analytics

This release continues to build out the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ by further accelerating cloud adoption, laying a foundation for backup capabilities and providing deeper analytics insight across all protected sites and clouds.

Accelerating Cloud Adoption
Building upon the support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments with mobility to, from and between clouds and on-premises, 6.5 introduces new features to allow enterprises to strategically build cloud into their data protection strategies.
Foundation of Backup
6.5 introduces foundational enhancements to the backup capabilities in the platform including enhanced journal file-level recovery support for Linux and support for Microsoft Databox Edge to deliver a fast, scalable hybrid cloud solution for its on-premises backup capabilities.
Deep Analytics Functionality
With expanded intelligent dashboards, 6.5 provides organizations with deeper insight and a
90-day history on the health and compliance of protected multi-site, multi-cloud environments.


Check out the full list here to see What’s New in Zerto Virtual Replication 6.5. View the full release notes here.

The Future Must Be Continuous

The Zerto IT Resilience Platform is the industry’s first offering to converge backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility solutions into a single, simple, scalable platform. By moving from periodic-based backup processes to a continuous process, backup can better meet today’s 24/7 demands of no data loss or downtime. Available in 2019, Zerto 7 will use its core Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and journal technology to deliver seconds of RPO at scale, from seconds to years.

Zerto 7 – Changing Backup Forever

Zerto 7 will be the first version realizing the vision to converge all backup use cases for short term and long-term in one platform. Zerto 7 will add new capabilities to its platform to fundamentally change the way backups are done, eliminating the need for periodic-based backups which are slow and error prone. The platform will deliver faster, easier and more granular backup capabilities than any other offering in the market.

The following new capabilities will be added:

Elastic Journal

The Elastic Journal, a new concept in data protection, merging granular technology with long term repositories allowing for a continuous stream of recovery points with search and recovery across data, files or VMs from any point in time from 7 seconds to 7 years. This is critical for continuous availability.

Intelligent Indexing and Search

Intelligent indexing and search across on-premises or cloud to enable recovery for short and long-term retention

Data Protection Workflows

Data protection workflows to automate the recovery from any point in time ensuring application consistency across repositories for short and long-term data retention

Elastic Journal
Intelligent Indexing and Search
Data Protection Workflows

Continuous Journal-Based Protection

With continuous journal-based protection users can search for a file or a workload and get all the points in time available to recover from, regardless if these are in a short or long-term repository, on-premises or in the cloud. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) delivers seconds of RPO for short-term needs, like user errors, ransomware or disasters, but also enables users to retrieve the same file or database VM from 6 months ago for compliance use cases. All these features are accessible from one user interface and one data protection workflow with built in automation and orchestration.

The new Elastic Journal will combine the power of the existing Zerto Journal, which allows fast recovery and offers granularity in seconds, with the demands for long-term retention – balancing storage needs, locations and policies. The user sets policies for how long the Elastic Journal should save data, as well as other settings that determine how much data will be stored, in which frequency, and where.

Zerto 7 will also introduce incremental, synthetic and full copies to increase efficiency and reduce storage needs, enhancements to its scale out architecture and new on-premises and cloud repository targets.

Enhanced Analytics and Usability

Zerto 7 will continue to simplify the user experience and will enhance its Analytics to include prescriptive capabilities.

Additional new capabilities to be delivered in Zerto 7:

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics to analyze past performance to see what is happening or has happened and to determine optimized business outcomes and course of action to answer the what is likely to happen with new ‘What if’ capabilities.

Redesigned GUI

Redesigned GUI and simplified workflows to further enhance and simplify the user experience

Prescriptive Analytics
Redesigned GUI

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