Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Comparison – Competitive Overview - Zerto
Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Comparison – Competitive Overview

Confused with so many CDP products being marketed? 

When VMware introduced vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO), it provided the ability to intercept and manipulate the I/O. This allowed other companies to take advantage of those filters to build their own version of “CDP” limited to VMware environments.

Zerto has created its own technology to deliver CDP, with its proprietary I/O Filter zDriver. As a result, it can do more, like support and deliver services with various types of hypervisors for instance.

See how Zerto true CDP compares with other offers marketed as CDP, and how it goes way further to deliver more value to you and your organization.  

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Continuous Data Protection: Delivering an Always-on Customer Experience

Continuous data protection (CDP) is a protection mechanism that allows organizations to continuously capture and track data modifications, automatically saving every version of the data that the user creates locally or at a target repository.

CDP is superior to incremental replication and snapshots as it minimizes data loss to seconds, dramatically reducing the impact of outages and disruptions to the business.

However, not all flavors of CDP are equal, and there are a lot of differences in how they work and what they can actually deliver to help you minimize your downtime.

Our comparison matrix will help you to understand these nuances and clearly highlight what solution delivers true CDP.

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