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Are You Ready for DORA?

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What Is DORA?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a new regulation that creates a binding, comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) risk management framework for the European Union (EU) financial sector. DORA establishes technical standards that financial entities and their critical third-party technology service providers must implement in their ICT systems by January 17, 2025. This is part of Europe Fit for the Digital Age’s larger initiative to secure a sustainable digital future.

Getting Ready for DORA with Zerto (EN, FR, IT, ES, DE)

Why Should I Care About DORA?

DORA applies to all financial institutions in the EU. That includes traditional financial entities, like banks and investment firms, and non-traditional entities like crypto asset providers and crowdfunding platforms. Entities typically excluded from financial regulations, like third-party service providers that supply financial firms with ICT systems and services (e.g., cloud service providers (CSPs) and data centers), must also follow DORA requirements. Failure to adhere to DORA’s terms can lead to monetary penalties up to 1% of providers’ annual global turnover of the previous business years. And providers can be fined every day for up to six months until they achieve compliance.

Zerto’s Key Features for Compliance

  1. Continuous Data Protection: Zerto continuous data protection (CDP) technology utilizes near-synchronous block-level replication, for an exceptional data replication experience. With recovery granularity of seconds, it effectively minimizes data loss and significantly mitigating the impact of outages and disruptions on your organization.
  2. Real-Time Ransomware Detection: Unlike traditional methods that detect ransomware many hours or days after encryption, Zerto identifies malicious encryption within seconds of impact and tags the journal timestamp, so you can see exactly which recovery points are clean.
  3. Application-Centric Protection and Recovery: Zerto treats applications and workloads as a single cohesive unit. This recovers all components together at the exact same point in time with write-order fidelity that is guaranteed across applications spanning multiple VMs, datastores, and hosts.
  4. Multi-Cloud Mobility: Zerto’s storage-agnostic, software-only solutions allows for true workload mobility and agility across private, public, and hybrid clouds. You can flexibly protect to, from, or within the cloud without being locked in or left behind as your cloud strategy evolves.
  5. Testing and Reporting: With Zerto you can create instant, on-demand development and testing environments at a remote site without hindering your production or protection status.

Zerto offers industry-leading solutions for ransomware resilience and disaster recovery, positioning us as a crucial ally in achieving DORA compliance. To dive deep into the technical aspects of Zerto, you can explore our DORA Data Sheet, learn more on our compliance page, or try it for yourself in a free hands-on lab.

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