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Gorilla Guide to Real-Time Ransomware Detection and Recovery

Rethink Your Ransomware Resilience and Disaster Recovery Strategy

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and the ability to detect when an attack has begun is critical to the ability to recover quickly. Attackers are constantly evolving their attack methods and traditional backup and recovery technologies simply can’t detect encryption quickly enough.

This free Gorilla Guide outlines the dangers of ransomware, the impacts to organizations, and the need to detect attacks as they are occurring in real-time. This Gorilla Guide topics include:

  • The growing threat of ransomware
  • Challenges of traditional data protection solutions
  • Comparing solutions
  • Real-time ransomware detection & recovery
  • Zerto as an all-in-one CDP solution

Understanding how early detection can help mitigate a ransomware attack and allow recovery more quickly is vital to any ransomware resilience strategy. Don’t become a victim of delayed ransomware detection by relying on periodic backup solutions.

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Recover from Ransomware Without Paying a Ransom

According to the IDC “State of Ransomware and Disaster Recover Preparedness” report, 61% of DR responses last year were triggered by ransomware. While other disasters are still a concern, ransomware has become the number one disaster threat causing downtime and data loss and emboldening attackers when ransoms are paid.

Not only is paying a ransom not a guarantee of recovering data, but it only gives attackers more incentive to attack again and again. Recovering your data without paying a ransom is the only way to defeat these attacks and this can only be done by both protecting data in real-time and detecting ransomware encryption in real-time.

This free Gorilla Guide to Real-Time Ransomware Detection and Recovery is a starting point for understanding how real-time protection and detection can help you rethink your data protection strategies. The guide covers the growing threat of ransomware, the state of traditional data protection solutions, the ability to detect ransomware in real-time, and the recovery capabilities of Zerto to eliminate the need to pay a ransom.