Move From Backup to Long Term Retention

It’s Time to Rethink How You Do Backups

Challenges of Traditional Backups

For decades, the offsite backup of virtual machines (VMs) has been an integral part of a company’s resilience strategy.  Having a tertiary copy of data and applications stored offsite ensures that your business can recovery something no matter what happens to the production environment.  However, with this relatively cheap and inexpensive way to protect data comes a few limitations.

  • Reliance on complex backup software to manage tapes, libraries and agents requiring specialist skill sets
  • High risk factor with manual transport or archiving services
  • Maintaining backups for long periods consumes large amounts of storage that is difficult and costly to maintain
  • Tape based backups are rarely tested for recovery before being shipped offsite introducing risk
  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) can be many days waiting for tape shipments or restoration from backups

How Zerto Solves the Backup Problem

Zerto Virtual Replication resolves all the challenges of managing a separate legacy solution for offsite backups by including a powerful long-term retention feature in the software. Offsite backups are taken from the replicated VM data in the recovery site, on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The backups can be stored on a disk or network share in a 3rd location, dedicated disk-based backup device or even cheap S3 or Blob Storage in AWS or Azure.

  • Restore deletions quickly with Journal File Level Recovery
  • Built-in 30-day journal retention gives thousands of recovery intervals with seconds of granularity
  • The Zerto backup file is compressed, portable and restorable across multiple hypervisor, storage, and cloud platforms
  • Offsite backup taken from the replicated data, not production, ensuring no backup windows or snapshots are ever run against production
  • No need to try and schedule multiple backup jobs within a specific time frame

Zerto Continues to Improve Long-Term Retention Strategy

The latest version of Zerto Virtual Replication introduces long-term retention enhancements, significantly improving data protection options for clients with a single solution. This allows clients to move from a backup strategy to an IT resilience strategy. By combining continuous data protection (CDP), replication, automated orchestration and long-term retention with offsite backup, customers now have the flexibility to rethink their data protection strategy to reduce complexity and increase productivity.

  • Store and send backup data more efficiently
  • Journal File Level Recovery (JFLR) now supports all Linux EXT systems
  • Enhancements to supported size of JFLR restores
  • Improvements to the resiliency of all offsite backups


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