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Go from Snapshots to Streaming with Continuous Data Protection

February 1, 2021
Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

You can’t tell a fast-paced, constantly changing story with a series of still pictures—you’ll definitely miss something important. You need a streaming video story that shows every moment and captures all the details.

Your data is the fast paced, constantly changing fuel for your business. You can’t afford to miss a detail or fail to capture every important change. Why would you stick to traditional backup systems that rely on snapshots and time-lagged copies when you could choose a moment-to-moment, always complete backup option?

In a new paper, A Comparison: Zerto vs. Traditional Backup I dig into the details that separate Zerto’s continuous data protection solution from traditional backup systems. It discusses all the reasons why traditional backup systems are on their way out, and cloud-based, software-based, technology-agnostic solutions like Zerto are the way forward for backup and disaster recovery.

The right backup means no lost data.

Backup is a business essential for a host of reasons, but as the comparison shows, the backup landscape is changing rapidly, and new, comprehensive solutions meet customer needs on every level while traditional backup lags behind. With traditional backup, data gaps are a necessary evil because snapshots and other copying methods drain system resources, forcing system administrators to schedule them for low-use times (like late at night). If, for example, a system gets backed up at midnight, but it has a data loss incident at 5 PM, that business loses an entire day’s worth of data.

Some backups work around data gaps with composite solutions for different business areas, but those hodgepodge fixes aren’t necessary now. A journal-based solution like Zerto can back up data within seconds, reducing data gaps to seconds—something undreamed-of in the era of traditional backup. A modern solution like Zerto can even combine short-term, long-term, and disaster recovery backup into a single solution, saving time and money, and reducing errors.

You need fast recovery and fast backup.

What’s more, having a single, simple dashboard that accesses all of your backups means that recovery is just moments away. Backup alone isn’t enough—you have to be able to get your data back into your production environment quickly. The Zerto platform makes sure you can get back to work fast to meet your SLAs.

Here are some of the paper’s highlights:

  • Granular recovery: Zerto uses journaling technology to provide continuous block level replication, which reduces recovery point objectives (RPOs) to seconds. Traditional backup is stuck with system snapshots that can only capture data every few hours at best.
  • Scalability: Zerto uses a scaled-out architecture of virtual replication appliances to guarantee protection at any scale, expanding to any number of virtual machines simultaneously. Traditional snapshots systems require time, planning, and sometimes additional hardware to increase scale.
  • Simplicity: Zerto delivers a single, simple, software-only platform backed by an architecture that protects any environment at any scale. This technology-agnostic approach gives users complete freedom of choice. Traditional backups may require specific hardware that needs another layer of specific software, all of which has to interact with your existing systems.

A Comparison: Zerto vs. Traditional Backup is packed with additional details about the ways Zerto’s modern backup solution does what traditional backup just can’t do. The writing isn’t just in this paper—it’s on the wall. Backup solutions have evolved, and businesses that want to stay at the head of their industries need to evolve as well.

Read the newest paper here and if you want to see the Zerto platform in action, request a demo.