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  • The Top 3 Reasons Why Zerto Customers Don’t Worry (as much) About Natural Disasters

    By Zerto, on 28 July, 2015

    By Jennifer Gill, Director of Global Product Marketing

    natural-disaster When a natural disaster occurs (hurricane, monsoon, flooding tornado etc), many IT teams panic. They wonder, when was the last time we tested our DR plan? Did it work? Where is the binder with the fully documented process? Has it been updated to reflect the new storage? Applications?

    Typical disaster recovery solutions don’t make it easy to test the plan. The plan is typically many pages long, complicated, and requires many different people to execute it fully. Extensive situations, like flooding and hurricanes, mean the IT team needs to stay in the data center for the duration of the event, just in case they need to start the cumbersome failover and recovery process.

    Zerto customers do not worry about their data center when a monsoons, hurricanes and other natural disasters hit, and do you know why?

    1) Non-disruptive DR testing. Zerto customers can test their DR plan at any time so they know it will work in the event of a hurricane or ANY other disaster. During the test, replication is still happening and the environment is still protected. Production doesn’t need to be taken offline and the applications are still available. This makes it much easier to test regularly again, giving our customers the confidence that Zerto Virtual Replication will work and properly.

    2) Simple failback and reverse protection. We hear from many customers that they don’t want to failover because although they can failover, they can’t failback! So, what do they do after the data is at the DR site? Zerto Virtual Replication enables data and application to failback with a few simple clicks greatly simplifying the decision to failover.

    3) Execute the plan from anywhere. With Zerto’s web-based interface, the IT team is not trapped in the data center. Failovers can be executed from a tablet in advance of the impending event, from your home, so you can be sure that your family is safe.

    These are the top features if you have flood waters rising or a hurricane barreling down on you, but there are many, many other reasons why Zerto Virtual Replication is a great disaster recovery solution, contact us to learn more!


  • American Red Cross & Zerto Tweetchat: Prepare for Disaster

    By Zerto, on 23 July, 2015

    For this month’s Hear from your Peers webinar, we decided we wanted to do something a little different, something with a little more of a  “social” feel. With that in mind we are co-hosting a tweet chat with Marc Fernandez, IT Manager for the Red Cross. The tweet chat will be a live Q&A session, …

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  • Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds: Zerto Gives You the Flexibility to Use Them All

    By Zerto, on 16 July, 2015

    By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect One size does not fit all. Different workloads can have completely different priorities and demands. Most infrastructures have tiers or different performance levels of storage for this very reason. Yet, most replication solutions force a choice of one platform that might be good for some percentage of …

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  • DR 101: Snapshots, Continuous Data Protection and Point in Time Recovery

    By Zerto, on 8 July, 2015

    By Joshua Stenhouse, Zerto Technical Evangelist  Snapshots are often used to replicate Virtual Machines (VMs) from a specific point in time and to maintain multiple recovery points in order to recover from a disaster. Snapshots can be performed at the VM level or at the Storage Area Network (SAN) level. VM level snapshots are created …

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  • Woodforest Bank Hurricane Preparedness Infographic

    By Zerto, on 2 July, 2015

    We are now a month into the 2015 hurricane season and wanted to further display how hurricane preparedness can save your company. See the infographic below and learn how Woodforest National Bank per-empted the dangers of a hurricane and protected their most critical financial applications. Join our webinar on July 14, along with the Red …

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  • Get to Know Your Zerto Ecosystem: Bluelock

    By Zerto, on 23 June, 2015

    In this session of our Get to know your Zerto Ecosystem video series, Pat O’day, Chief Technology Officer of Bluelock. In Pat’s free time he is a 3d printing and twitch streamer enthusiast. Enjoy the video below, and some excerpts from the interview.   Zerto: Bluelock offers a great cloud hosting and recovery as a …

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