• VMworld 2014: Zerto Red Wed

    By Zerto, on 28 August, 2014

    Another great VMworld ended with another fun Zerto Red Wed! Some information on Red Wed: it is an annual promotion that Zerto does at VMworld. We hand out our yearly, creative red Zerto t-shirts and everyone wears them on the Wednesday of VMworld in order to win prizes.


    As you can see, VMworld was covered in a sea of Zerto red. This year we added a special twist and added that people can also wear their Zerto t-shirts from previous VMworld events.

    This year’s prizes were:

    • Intergalactic light-saber popsicle makers
    • High-powered marshmallow shooters
    • Beats Pill Speaker with Dude Stand
    • Latest edition of Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider
    • Grand Prize: Fully-loaded Zerto box-of-awesome Home Lab!

    Enjoy the vines and pics of this year’s events. Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners!



    ZertoRedWed1 ZertoRedWed3 ZertoRedWed5 ZertoRedWed9

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