• Best Practices for Oracle Database Recovery

    By Zerto, on 22 April, 2014


    Oracle makes one of the most widely used database management systems in the world, supporting operations for 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies. If a database is unavailable, revenue, productivity and reputation can be damaged. Replication and recovery for databases involves a high risk endeavor that includes manual processes and the close supervision of a database administrator (DBA).

    So how can companies effectively protect against outages for high-transaction applications?

    The Zerto solution offers three advantages over traditional replication methods for Oracle database recovery in virtualized environments:

    Application Consistency

    • Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) delivers application consistent checkpoints with support for Oracle’s hot backup mode
    • Simple, centralized management with a single solution for both the database and application

    Simple, Automated Testing

    • Automated disaster recovery testing allows verification that BC/DR processes are in place and will execute properly when needed. During the testing, the Oracle database is still processing, users are still working, and changes are replicated without interruption
    • Failover can be executed even during a test, in the off-chance that an incident occurs that requires a failover action

    Robust Replication

    • Designed to excel under even the most extreme rates of change, ZVR has continuous, block-level replication capturing all I/O, even during the times with the highest number of transactions. This methodology provides aggressive service levels and minimizes the impact on the end-user productivity
    • Provides the lowest possible application data loss with Zerto Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) which ensure crash consistency and write-order fidelity across all VMs
    • Enables significant cost reduction by replicating VMs only. With more exact replication, a company can reduce the storage and bandwidth required to support the BC/DR process.

    Since many of the largest businesses in the world depend on Oracle, they cannot afford to have their database become unavailable and impact their revenue. With the benefits of ZVR these enterprises have a consistent disaster recovery process spanning their entire virtual environment which ensures reliable application and information availability.

    Download the case study on Zerto Virtual Replication for Oracle to learn more.

    (The image was taken from Don Burleson’s blog “What type of DBA are you” http://www.dba-oracle.com/art_dbazine_what_kind_dba.htm ) 


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