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  • Get to Know Your Zerto Ecosystem: Bluelock

    By Zerto, on 23 June, 2015

    In this session of our Get to know your Zerto Ecosystem video series, Pat O’day, Chief Technology Officer of Bluelock. In Pat’s free time he is a 3d printing and twitch streamer enthusiast.

    Enjoy the video below, and some excerpts from the interview.


    Zerto: Bluelock offers a great cloud hosting and recovery as a service product, can you give us an example of a customer using your product in a unique way?

    Pat: We have started to do a lot of work with Goodwill Industries of Central Indian. Most of you probably have a Goodwill office in your home town. If you are not familiar with them, they are a not for profit where you can drop off used goods to one of their offices, they will clean them up and repair them, and they try to find someone in need who can use them: baby clothes, toys, furniture, anything like that .

    They found themselves getting into the retail, or ecommerce, business online. That was when we first met them because they realized they went from a standard IT shop to someone hosting a revenue critical application, think in terms of eBay or an amazon.com. They realized they needed disaster recovery in order to make sure that application was available, all the time….

    Zerto: Can you give us any insight, or information into big news coming out of Bluelock in 2015?

    Pat: ……If you think about a typical DR environment, most people would judge it based on whether or not you can recover, but when you look at the idea that you might need security services, you might need to be in a compliant environment, you might need backups to work, those are things that people don’t typically invest in, in a DR site, because it is seen as sort of a temporary or necessary evil, maybe even insurance.

    We already have many of those services that are immediately available when you power up your DR environment, but we are adding to that service portfolio so that your DR environment looks more and more like production, maybe even a little bit better.

    Zerto: What is the supernatural talent you would like to be gifted with the most?

    Pat: I l would love to be able to heal people. I know we have all been affected, extended family, friends and family. You hear a news report about how one day we will all live to be 150 and then the next minute you hear about someone you know or in your extended family, your work ecosystem that is not doing so well. The idea that you could in some way make the pain go away, maybe even fix it; I think that would be pretty awesome.


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  • Data Protection Methodologies for the SaaS and PaaS Use Case

    By Zerto, on 10 June, 2015

    By Ian Perez Ponce VP, Product Management & Strategy For decades, the practice of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) in the IT industry has been relegated to the domain of data center infrastructure, be it physical or virtual. More recently, developing trends have transformed IT Service Continuity technology solutions and operational best practices to extend into …

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