• Hello Microsoft Hyper-V, We’re Zerto Virtual Replication

    By Zerto, on 23 October, 2014

    By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect

    Imagine protecting all of your most critical VMs and being able to have Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) measured in the seconds and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) measured in the minutes. Wouldn’t it be great to failover your entire datacenter in 30 minutes?

    Hello our name is Zerto, and if you’ve been waiting until you could find true disaster recovery before putting the most critical workloads on Microsoft Hyper-V, your wait is over.

    Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) is a hypervisor-based virtual machine (VM) workload mobility and orchestration solution, whose primary use is for replication and recovery. ZVR is completely hardware agnostic and replicates using Continuous Data Replication (CDP) with up to five-day Point in Time (PIT) journal.


    What this means is that you can have a Hyper-V Cluster at Site A and replicate VMs to the Hyper-V cluster at Site B. ZVR lets you identify all the VMs that make an application work. We call the affinity grouping of virtual machines, “Virtual Protection Groups” (VPGs). VPGs are created at the VM level and are not concerned with which Hyper-V host, or storage location of the VHD or VHDX files.


    ZVR supports a simple two site pairing for a primary datacenter to disaster recovery site configuration; but just as easily ZVR can pair together multiple sites for bi-directional, operationally resilient deployments.

    Whatever DR solution you choose, whether it is private, public or hybrid cloud, these are all supported configurations.


    Not only is ZVR able to replicate between multiple sites, it also provides the complete orchestration of the failover tests, migrations and failover events.

    A few years ago, we introduced ourselves to the VMware community promising the most capable disaster recovery tool on the market. Fast-forward to a few years later and Zerto is now the leading DR disaster recovery solution for the VMware platform and has significant production workload experience.

    The community embraced us because, simply put, we actually do what we say we do. ZVR protects tens of thousands of virtual machines on VMware infrastructures, and we are excited to bring a whole different level of protection for Hyper-V virtual machines.


    As evidenced in the rapid acceptance by so many customers, and partners, ZVR is quickly adopted into production environments and keeps management simple by integrating seamlessly into Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) environment. It is easy to navigate with a browser-based management tool for all data protection and mobility operations.

    ZVR is the missing piece to the Hyper-V puzzle. With ZVR, you are able to deploy all of your most critical VMs on Hyper-V and know that they are protected and ready in case of a disaster.

    So if you want to see it for yourself, we make it easy. Learn more with Zerto and Hyper-V replication here.


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