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  • VMworld 2015: Ready for Any – Great Idea, Two Different Approaches

    By Zerto, on 21 August, 2015

    By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect

    The theme for VMworld 2015 is Ready for Any. This is a familiar theme to Zerto because “Any” has been our theme for a couple of years now. In fact, “Any” was the theme of the Zerto booth at VMworld 2014. So it must have been a great idea.


    Reading the VMworld theme’s description, it seems you’ll need to substantially change your data center operations to be ready for any, and do a lot of consolidating to a single vendor platform to achieve the vision.

    This may make perfect sense and might be right for some organizations. But our idea of being ready for any is based on the concept that most organizations aren’t going to want to boil the ocean and totally change their IT environment. They want to maintain different options from different vendors to avoid lock-in.

    In our More than DR series of blogs, we lay out the Zerto design philosophy and our vision of how you can systematically protect, recover or move your data using whatever platform you currently have or wish to use. We also explain how our design approach can work with totally disparate platforms while presenting a single management user interface and simplified experience.

    There Can Be only One MoD

    We call it the Cloud Continuity Platform (CCP) and we’re not saying you can use every hypervisor, private or public cloud today, but you can already use VMware, Hyper-V and AWS today and we are busy adding more public cloud and hypervisors.

    The CCP vision is as important as what is currently supported because it allows you to future-proof your investment in data protection. Having a platform that is designed to support any hypervisor or any cloud truly gets you ready for any.

  • More than DR: The Evolution of Zerto Virtual Replication

    By Zerto, on 18 August, 2015

    By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect Award Winning from the Beginning When Zerto introduced Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) in 2011, it was a completely unique product that quickly captured the attention of the IT world. It won Best of Show at VMworld that year and it continues to win multiple awards every year …

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  • FAA Outage and the Importance of Software Testing

    By Zerto, on 17 August, 2015

    On Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) experienced an outage that caused over 450 cancellations up and down the east coast. Early speculation points to a couple possibilities that might have caused the outage; either a recent software update that caused the system to crash or an automation failure. In either case, the outage highlights …

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  • Looking Forward to VMworld with Zerto

    By Zerto, on 10 August, 2015

    We are looking forward to a great time at VMworld 2015, and we know you are as well! But we don’t just want to know it, we want to hear it. With that in mind, we are asking you to tell us what you are looking forward to most at this year’s VMworld 2015. Simply …

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  • The Top 3 Reasons Why Zerto Customers Don’t Worry (as much) About Natural Disasters

    By Zerto, on 28 July, 2015

    By Jennifer Gill, Director of Global Product Marketing When a natural disaster occurs (hurricane, monsoon, flooding tornado etc), many IT teams panic. They wonder, when was the last time we tested our DR plan? Did it work? Where is the binder with the fully documented process? Has it been updated to reflect the new storage? …

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  • Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds: Zerto Gives You the Flexibility to Use Them All

    By Zerto, on 16 July, 2015

    By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect One size does not fit all. Different workloads can have completely different priorities and demands. Most infrastructures have tiers or different performance levels of storage for this very reason. Yet, most replication solutions force a choice of one platform that might be good for some percentage of …

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