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Ask your Zerto Channel Account Manager today about getting certified!

Looking for Certification in Zerto Service Delivery?

Take our new online certification program, “Zerto Certified Service Partner,” to become recognized as an expert in Zerto service delivery. This industry-recognized certification is available for a $200 registration fee.

What you’ll get

A comprehensive certification guide

Bragging rights and the ability to market your services on social media

A downloadable Credly badge upon passing

What Is the Service Delivery Certification About ?

In the “Zerto Certified Service Partner” certification, Zerto consulting partners have the opportunity to take an exam to become certified in Zerto service delivery – both as an individual AND as a company*.

The Zerto Certified Service Partner certification is a comprehensive exam tailored for experienced Zerto partners to demonstrate their expertise in installing and troubleshooting Zerto technology. Achieving this new certification signifies an advanced skill set in configuring, managing, and resolving issues related to Zerto architecture and solutions.

* Company designation requires certification by at least three individuals in the organization

How to Be Certified?

The certification is a streamlined, exam-only option, comprised of 60 randomized questions. To take the certification exam, simply request an enrollment code from your Zerto Channel Account Manager.

To learn the process and help determine whether this exam is for you, review the certification guide.

Once you obtain an enrollment code from your Zerto Channel Account Manager**, you can use the code to access the Zerto Certified Service Partner certification in Zerto University and take the exam.

The cost to take the exam is $200 per person and can be ordered by contacting your Zerto Channel Account Manager. Simply tell them how many codes you would like (one code per individual).

Once three individuals have passed the exam and become certified, the company as a whole can obtain the company certified designation.

** Don't know your Zerto Channel Account Manager? Contact partners@zerto.com .

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the certification?

To obtain this certification you must fulfill these two requirements:

  1. Be a Zerto partner or HPE Affiliate in good standing.
  2. Possess a comprehensive understanding of Zerto technology in the categories listed below. We encourage you to review prior to attempting the exam (see recommendations below).

Note: there is no training required in order to attempt the certification exam.

What is the exam about?

The exam was designed by tenured, expert-level Zerto engineers and vetted cross-functionally by Zerto leaders. A meticulous process was used to pinpoint the key competencies for Zerto professional services.

Note: all questions in the exam are based on using Zerto version 10.0 and VMware.

About the Questions

The exam encompasses intricate subject matter, including troubleshooting scenarios designed to assess problem-solving skills. The questions are presented in three formats: multiple choice (one answer); multiple select (more than one answer); and true/false. The exam draws questions randomly from an extensive question pool, providing a unique but equally valid assessment experience.

What is the passing grade for the exam?

About the Answers

During the exam, questions are presented one at a time, with answers sorted randomly on the screen.

About the passing score

Scoring is shared after the final completion of the test. To pass the exam, participants must achieve a score of at least 80% (which is 48 questions out of 60 total).

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Participants have the opportunity to retake the examination a second time, subject to the following guidelines:

  • If a participant fails to pass the exam on the first attempt, they may opt to retake it immediately.
  • In the event of a second unsuccessful attempt, participants must order a new enrollment code.

How to prepare for the exam?

To excel in the exam, consider the following study strategies:

Online Review

Begin by reviewing each of the four primary Zerto categories mentioned above on Zerto.com. In category one, click the links provided and review the content to ensure you have a solid grasp of the core principles.

Some other content recommendations to review include (links open in a new tab):

Company Resources

Make optimal use of Zerto's official documentation, including manuals, guides, and knowledge base articles. You will also find many resources in the ZAP Portal (login required) with valuable and practical information. Some recommendations include:

  • Quick Start Guides
  • Administration Guides (ZVM, ZCM)
  • Scale and Benchmarking Guide
  • Technical Docs

Hands-on Practices

Whenever possible, engage in our hands-on labs (requires login to myZerto) to experience Zerto software. This practical experience can reinforce your theoretical knowledge.

Online Courses and Tutorials

Seek out courses in Zerto University (requires login to myZerto) that align with the exam content. Some recommendations include:

  • ZCP: Enterprise Engineer
  • Managing Zerto, Setup, Protection, and Recovery (virtual Instructor-Led Course)
  • Zerto Architecture: Setup and Management
  • ZCP: Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Steps to Get Started

We encourage you to review the certification guide now. There is no commitment, so why not take a look? Once you have decided to give it a try, simply tell your channel account manager how many enrollment codes you would like to order.

Once you have your code, follow the steps below to access the exam in Zerto University.

No myZerto account?

  1. Request a login to create your myZerto account. (opens up in a new tab).
  2. Navigate to the Training tab at the top right and choose Zerto University.
  3. Enter your enrollment code on the home page.

(Click here to see where to enter the code)

Where to enter the voucher or enrollment code on the Zerto University Home page

To exit, click outside the image

Have a myZerto account?

  1. Click here to go to myZerto home page and log in using your credentials (opens up in a new tab).
  2. Navigate to the Training tab at the top right and choose Zerto University.
  3. Enter your enrollment code on the home page.

(Click here to see where to enter the code)

Where to enter the voucher or enrollment code on the Zerto University Home page

To exit, click outside the image

Need more help?

For help logging in to myZerto, contact support@zerto.com.

For issues with enrolling in Zerto Certified Service Partner, contact training@zerto.com.