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Zerto Certified Associate (ZCA)


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Level Up Your Disaster Recovery Skills for Free

Take our new online certification program, “Zerto Certified Associate,” to learn the fundamentals of Zerto. This free, industry-recognized certification is now available on Zerto University.

What you’ll get

On-demand, free certification

Foundational overview of Zerto’s use cases

A look at the Zerto interface

Walkthrough demonstrations of failover workflows

A tour of Zerto Analytics

Access to an optional hands-on lab

Key points for presenting Zerto’s value to your organization’s leadership

Resources that are tailored to your role

What Is ZCA About ?

In the “Zerto Certified Associate” course, learners build a foundational understanding of the Zerto mission, Zerto technology, and how that technology solves customer challenges around disaster recovery (DR) and data mobility.

Learners walk away with a clear understanding of Zerto’s business and use cases, while seeing disaster recovery operations in action.

On-Demand, Free Certification

This interactive, user-friendly online course is open to the public at no cost. Anyone who needs to protect their data will gain an understanding of key aspects of DR and what makes Zerto different.

You don’t have to be a technology or business continuity expert, and no background in data recovery or mobility is required.

Upon successful completion, you will receive the industry-recognized certification of Zerto Certified Associate and a Credly badge to go with it.

Why Should I Earn this Certification?

ZCA is the only Zerto certification that is open to the public, helping you to evaluate solutions for your organization with no commitment. See what Zerto offers on your own terms without needing to kick off a sales conversation. Then reach out or use the optional lab to experience Zerto firsthand.

Even if you don’t need to test drive a disaster recovery solution, there has never been a better time to level up your data protection skills. According to Nash Squared¹, a leading global provider of technology and talent solutions, up to 70 percent of digital leaders said that a skills shortage prevents them from keeping up with the pace of change. With data protection specifically, 29 percent of IT decision makers say they are experiencing a problematic shortage of existing skills. (Source: ESG 2023 Technology Spending Intentions Survey, Bill Lundell, November 2022)².

Earning the ZCA certification shows that you are meeting this demand. Achieve credibility and visibility by sharing your badge on social media, and prepare to be known as a “master of disaster.”

Ready to Sign Up?

Steps to Get Started

We encourage everyone to sign up and take the course. There is no commitment, so why not give it a try?

Follow the steps below by selecting the right option for your case.

No Zerto account?

  1. Request a login to create your myZerto account. (opens up in a new tab).
  2. Navigate to the Training tab at the top right and choose Zerto University.
  3. Select Certifications/Get Certified, then Zerto Certified Associate.

Have a Zerto account?

  1. Click here to go to myZerto home page and log in using your credentials (opens up in a new tab).
  2. Navigate to the Training tab at the top right and choose Zerto University.
  3. Select Certifications/Get Certified, then Zerto Certified Associate.

Need more help?

For help logging in to myZerto, contact support@zerto.com.

For help enrolling in and completing Zerto Certified Associate, contact training@zerto.com.

For HPE distributors and partners interested in accessing Zerto University, click here.

1. Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report 2022: - https://www.nashsquared.com/dlr-2022

2. ESG 2023 Technology Spending Attentions Survey: https://www.esg-global.com/2023-technology-spending