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Running IT operations for your organization is anything but an easy task and can be very time consuming. The key is being proactive but often this is not possible due to lack of time or resources.

Fortunately, having continuous journaling and non-disruptive workflows opens you up to a world of new capabilities you can use to streamline your IT operations. We will discuss how on-demand application sandboxes can help you optimize:

  • Software Patching: Test patches without impact to production
  • Security: On-demand vulnerability scanning

So please please watch this On Demand Webinar to learn how the Zerto IT Resilience Platform ™ will help you reduce operational overhead and switch from reactive management to proactive planning.



Gene Torres
Solutions Architect
Gene Torres is a Solutions Architect for the Western US at Zerto with 20 years of experience as an IT Professional with focus on datacenter virtualization and resilience.  Before advancing in his current role, he worked as as a field Systems Engineer and built a career designing and implementing SDDC for the second largest renal care company in the United States.

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