DIY Disaster Recovery as a Service

For businesses looking to leverage external cloud resources with the highest level of control, you can build disaster recovery-as-a-service yourself leveraging public cloud resources. Zerto Virtual Replication supports Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as target sites, providing options for you to create a do-it-yourself DRaaS. This low cost option can remove the need for a second site providing tremendous CAPEX savings.

Many companies are very interested in public cloud as it offers a very cost-effective alternative to an IT site as well as provides the ability to quickly and easily provide on-demand resources. The flexibility and agility the public cloud offers combined with the predictable monthly cost gives businesses all the tools needed to respond quickly to changing market and business requirements.

The issue is how to effectively get the data into the public cloud fast. If getting the data into a public cloud format takes too much time, this investment can undermine all other savings and benefits. Additionally, if a user wants to use these resources just temporarily, like as a BC/DR site or for cloud bursting, some questions arise: how to get the information back out again? While the application is in the cloud, how can it be managed and control maintained?

How Zerto solves Public Cloud DR  and Mobility

Zerto Virtual Replication was purpose-built for virtualized infrastructure and the cloud and provides a seamless transport layer which enables public cloud resources to be leveraged quickly and easily for DR and backup. With consistent and continuous replication of production workloads from VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments to AWS, delivering more options for disaster recovery. By leveraging AWS for the target site, capital costs are dramatically reduced and replaced with a predictable monthly service. Lastly, the time to acquire and configure hardware is eliminated, making it easy for IT to quickly meet changing business requirements.

  •   Replication to public cloud: Replicate from a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V environment to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure for cost-effective BC/DR with unprecedented service levels.
  •   Significantly reduce IT costs: Replace an IT site with a predictable monthly cost with the ability to refocus budgets on other IT projects.
  •   Seamless application mobility: Encapsulate and move applications as needed within an environment, across hypervisors, or to the public cloud.
  •   Fast cloud migrations: Leverage new public cloud fast with migrations complete in minutes with minimal downtime.
  •   Centralized Management: Manage multi-site, multi-cloud environments across several sites in one user interface.
  •   No application or data reconfiguration required: Installs seamlessly into an existing infrastructure in minutes, regardless of hypervisor, cloud or storage.


Many organizations want to leverage public cloud but are concerned with the process of getting applications and data into the public cloud to leverage it effectively. Zerto Virtual Replication encapsulates applications so they can easily be migrated to the public cloud for bursting or can leverage public cloud for disaster recovery. The public cloud transforms a significant capital cost into a recurring monthly operational expense. With Zerto Virtual Replication, organizations can effectively leverage the public cloud for temporary or ongoing IT requirements including disaster recovery and backup.

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