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Resilience in the Face of Disaster Means Faster, Better Recovery

April 9, 2020


Disaster recovery (DR) means more than you might think. Yes, DR means recovering from traditional disasters, but it could also encompass the ability to recover from hardware failures or malware—especially ransomware, which gets more malicious every year.

Successful DR is a key part of IT resilience—IT resilient businesses recover from a disaster with low Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and quick Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). In other words, true protection means dramatically limiting data loss and downtime.



Zerto uses hypervisor-based replication, which means data is captured, copied, and sent to the recovery site at the hypervisor level because it is more efficient, accurate, and responsive than other methods. Zerto’s award-winning replication includes four key facets:

  • Continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Journal-based recovery
  • Storage agnostic technology
  • Built-in automation and orchestration

All these features together are why 8,000+ customers are saving time and money by achieving industry-leading RTOs and RPOs with Zerto. Let’s look at each of these four in more detail:


Get continuous data protection

CDP means considerably lower RPOs than snapshot solutions, less data loss, and a lower cost of impact because CDP is always on. Because Zerto’s CDP is constantly copying only the changed data, you can replicate the data to the recovery site within seconds without impacting performance; this technology allows you to recover data from seconds ago within only a few minutes. An added bonus is that the recovery site can be used as a source for copies that need long-term retention, which eliminates the need for backup windows.


Save time and money with journal-based recovery

Zerto’s journal-based technology reduces the amount of storage you use and lowers your data loss and downtime, which saves you money. Journal-based storage technology logs all of the changes that occur in a specified timeframe, giving you previous point-in-time recovery in increments of just seconds.


Use any storage system you choose: Zerto’s solution is storage agnostic

Legacy replication has many limitations around specific vendors and hardware, including matching storage arrays at the source and target sites; you have no ability to mix storage vendors and technologies. Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication operates at the virtual, not physical, layer, so it is inherently storage-agnostic—and because Zerto is storage agnostic, you can buy or use any storage in any site with seamless adoption of any new technology. Zerto’s storage agnostic technology gives you the freedom to select a solution that is both best price and highest performance.


Simplify with built-in automation and orchestration

Zerto’s built-in automation and orchestration technology reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple solutions. And you can say goodbye to tedious weekend tests with huge runbooks: Zerto’s no-impact failover tests ensure you can validate your DR plan during working hours with absolutely no disruption to production systems or breaks in replication. Zerto’s built-in automation and orchestration simplifies how you manage your technology and enables cutting-edge DR strategies without the pain of manual, unscalable processes.



IT resilience is your business’s ability to protect what exists today while innovating to meet the needs and threats of tomorrow. Download the DR101 eBook to learn more about how Zerto’s disaster recovery solution prepares your company for the future and increases your organization’s IT resilience.