Announcing Zerto 8.0 - Zerto

Announcing Zerto 8.0

March 24, 2020

Even More Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, and Mobility Across All Environments

Businesses today are expected to provide always-on availability across different regions, workloads, and applications within their organization, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Unplanned disruptions—caused by natural disasters, pandemics, power outages, or cyberattacks—continue to be a constant threat to businesses. And with ransomware attacks increasing around the world, it is imperative for businesses to have solutions in place for disaster recovery and data protection to ensure IT Resilience.

Zerto 8.0 expands our best-in-class disaster recovery, data protection, and mobility across on-premises and cloud environments to give you more options and capabilities than ever before.

Support for VMware on Google Cloud

Zerto has partnered with Google to bring our industry-leading IT Resilience Platform to Google Cloud with support for their VMware-as-a-service solution. Later this summer, Google will generally announce its VMware on Google Cloud with Zerto as its key IT resilience partner. You’ll be able to protect and migrate your native VMware workloads to your dedicated VMware environment in Google Cloud using the same policies and configurations that you utilize for your current infrastructure, just in the cloud. Stay tuned for Google’s public announcement.

Deeper VMware Integration

In pursuit of expanding your options with Zerto, we have deepened our integration with VMware to provide new features and improvements for Managed Service providers, enterprise and, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) users. Zerto 8.0 now supports vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) as an available datastore, so that you can take advantage of their many benefits—including storage savings, more workload control, and increased visibility. Via integration with VMware vCloud Director (vCD), providers and users can now recover and migrate standalone VMs in one Virtual Protection Group (VPG). In a following update of Zerto 8.0, DRaaS end users can perform self-service recovery via integration with vCD’s Tenant UI.

Evolving the IT Resilience Platform™

Zerto 8.0 brings deeper integration with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide automation and orchestration for enterprise-scale operations, while new support for AWS Storage Gateway unlocks an inexpensive long-term retention target site. Plus, our new recovery GUI allows you to quickly failover, restore, and move entire sites, applications, VMs, and files—all from the easy-to-use Zerto dashboard.

Zerto 8.0 brings new Zerto Analytics capabilities, protecting and planning for the future of your data is faster and easier as well. These advanced analytics give you a complete picture of your long-term protected workloads, no matter where there are. Unified alerts allow you to prioritize the notifications you receive, so you can always be apprised of the situation when there is an impact on mission-critical operations. And with the new Resource Planner view for unprotected VMs you can monitor the status of your unprotected VMs, as well and make informed decisions about which VMs require Zerto protection.

Visit the Zerto 8.0 launch page to learn how to expand your organization’s IT resilience.

Caroline Seymour
VP, Product Marketing

Caroline Seymour is the VP, Product Marketing for Zerto, based in Boston, US. In this role Caroline leads the overall product marketing strategy and execution for Zerto. Prior to Zerto, Caroline was at IBM for nine years and before that Cognos. Caroline has a wealth of experience in the Enterprise software space from the many roles she has held in Europe and in North America.