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Migrate or Recover on AWS with Zerto

The global public cloud services market is growing exponentially and with this growth comes the need for technologies that work independently of the underlying cloud, virtualization, and storage platforms. Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform empowers businesses to truly leverage cloud’s cost efficiencies with the flexibility to move from, to, or between clouds, such as AWS, regardless of underlying infrastructure components.

Zerto’s industry-leading IT Resilience Platform™ for workload mobility, continuous availability, and multi-cloud agility has become the standard, single solution for replication protection, recovery, backup and migration of data in the public cloud.

Mobilize Workloads to or from AWS Sites 

Accelerate Successful Cloud Adoption with AWS and Zerto.

Why Zerto for AWS?

By combining the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ and Amazon Web Services (AWS), businesses achieve IT resilience, by simplifying data protection and disaster recovery, while enabling fast and flexible workload migration to and from AWS sites. AWS can also be used as a cloud-based disaster recovery site, eliminating the capital costs associated with owning and operating your datacenter.

How Zerto for AWS Works

Business are becoming increasingly more reliant on the public cloud to deliver the cost efficiency and scale that their business requires. Zerto gives your IT department the ability to freely choose a recovery option that fits your needs. Having your own disaster recovery site on standby in the cloud, without having to pay for the hardware, power, or cooling, makes AWS the perfect solution for cloud-based disaster recovery.

Orchestrated failback out of AWS means Zerto can move applications and data from, to, or between disparate cloud and on-premises environments seamlessly.

  • Installs in on-premises infrastructure with no production impact
  • Easily deploys in AWS
  • Store replica and journal data on cost-effective S3 object-storage
  • Create recovery VMs when needed, with pre-configured sizing and network settings
  • Failover to AWS when ready
  • Burst and expand on-demand then migrate back to on-premises when ready

IT Resilience with Zerto and Amazon Web Services


Reduce DR Costs

Utilizing AWS native APIs, Zerto only creates compute instances in AWS during a recovery or move task, reducing DR costs significantly to storage only.

Replication to and from AWS Sites

Replicate VMs, key business applications, or entire datacenters to or from AWS sites with built in automation and orchestration.

Simple and Easy to Deploy and Use

Install and start replicating within two hours. No professional services, no resource overheads, simple to use.

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