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Why are Zerto Customers Using vVols?

A frequently requested enhancement to the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ has been support for VMware’s Virtual Volumes (vVols). Since the March 2020 release of Zerto 8.0 with support for vVols, we’ve been curious about how our customers use vVols with Zerto. Why Use vVols? In vVols, a virtual machine and its disks are managed as […]

The Future of Data Protection Waits For No One

A new era of backup and recovery with continuous data protection Bottom line: what has worked in the past, will not work for the future. If your company still relies on expensive, dedicated backup and disaster recovery infrastructure it’s time to make the switch to a software-only platform based on a foundation of continuous data […]

Beyond Backup: The Future of Data Protection

Data protection is an essential part of IT infrastructure, and it is unlikely that will ever change. But with the IT landscape changing and threats increasing, are you still able to rely on the data protection solution you currently use? Organizations today cannot afford to sustain any data loss or downtime. To avoid the impact […]

Zerto 8.0: Realizing Storage Modernization and Cost Savings with VMware Virtual Volumes

Last week, Zerto globally released version 8.0 of the IT Resilience Platform. The release of Zerto 8.0 expands disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises and  cloud environments. With Zerto 8.0 comes support for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols). In this blog, we’ll unpack the world of software-defined storage (SDS), VMware’s innovation in the space, […]

Is Your Organization Ready for COVID-19? 3 Tips for IT Infrastructure Preparedness

Now that the COVID-19 virus is a global pandemic, companies and the general public need to take appropriate precautions.   COVID-19 is impacting our work and social lives in ways never seen before in our digital era. Balancing the potential effects of the virus on business operations while prioritizing employee safety and well-being is daunting.   We asked our […]

RSA 2020: Zerto Challenges the Cybersecurity Industry to Rethink Data Protection and Recovery

As the IT Resilience Platform has evolved, so has its use cases. Zerto has seen every recovery scenario possible through its customers. One of the fastest growing recovery scenarios for Zerto users is ransomware.   Our customers organically began using our replication-based solution to solve for cyber attacks and ransomware that traditionally fall under backup use cases. As we […]

AWS Cloud Backup Just Got Easier with Zerto

Zerto certified for AWS Storage File Gateway Zerto began a journey to revolutionize the way organizations approach their disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility by building an IT Resilience Platform™ designed to deliver. Extending that journey, we’re excited to announce the certification of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage File Gateway for cloud backup and […]

Avoid Healthcare IT Disasters – Protect More Than Patients. Protect Your Business.

Digital disruption in healthcare is moving fast. Data in EMR systems, billing systems, telemedicine, care collaboration notes and research studies are growing exponentially, making it challenging to quickly find and tap into the right data to reach the best diagnosis and care plan for the patient. In addition to the sheer volumes of growing data, […]

TaxSlayer Simplifies Data Protection with Zerto’s Consolidated DR and Backup Solution

TaxSlayer, a leading online and professional tax and financial company, based in Augusta, GA, strives to make life simpler and less stressful for millions of Americans with their easy-to-use tax preparation software. The information technology team at TaxSlayer is committed to IT resilience as the foundation of exceptional customer experiences. TaxSlayer’s priority to deliver “always-on” […]

5 Important Questions to Ask About Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For almost 10 years now, Zerto has maintained that the future of backup is continuous, and in over 7,000 Enterprise customer installations, we’ve been using Continuous Data Protection (CDP) in our converged Disaster Recovery and Backup offerings to ensure the lowest, industry-breaking recovery times. There are important differentiators in how Zerto customers utilize CDP that you may want to keep in mind.  Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection utilizes proven journaling technology that logs all changes that have occurred for up to 30 […]