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The Zerto Platform

The Zerto platform, based on a foundation of continuous data protection (CDP) brings together disaster recovery and data protection into a single and simple cloud data management and protection solution across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Save resources and costs by replacing point solutions with Zerto’s software-only platform. Benefit from a unified and automated recovery and data management experience across all workloads.


Cloud Data Management and Protection

Zerto enables disaster recovery, data protection, and workload mobility to, from, and between clouds for true infrastructure flexibility. The Zerto platform is characterized by:

Total infrastructure flexibility

For disaster recovery and data protection to the cloud of your choice. Zerto supports private, hybrid-cloud, and public clouds.

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Total infrastructure flexibility

Hybrid and multi-cloud agility

Unlock disaster recovery, data protection and mobility to, from, and between clouds. Simply add new cloud providers as your cloud strategy evolves.

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Hybrid and multi-cloud agility

Purpose-built for the cloud

Zerto leverages native cloud services for resource management, auto-scaling, and cost-effective storage – all with limitless burst capacity.

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Purpose-built for the cloud

The Zerto Platform: Use Cases

Disaster Recovery keyboard_arrow_right

Zerto delivers industry-leading recovery times for all recovery scenarios including natural disasters, hardware failures, outages, and more. Unlocking the fastest RTOs and RPOs with CDP to easily recover entire sites and applications within seconds in any chosen infrastructure

Continuous Backup keyboard_arrow_right

Perform day-to-day backup restores across any application using local journaling technology. Recover without the data loss, downtime or production impact that are inherent with traditional backup solutions. Recover easily from file deletions, corrupt databases or ransomware attacks.

Long-Term Retention keyboard_arrow_right

Adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, where data needs to be stored for months and years, while optimizing costs. With Zerto, data is copied from the journal into cost-effective storage on-premises or in public cloud, driving cost optimization and elimination of problematic backup windows.

Data Mobility and Migrations keyboard_arrow_right

Zerto’s software-based and scale-out architecture allows data and application mobility and protection to any desired target site, across on-premises, and cloud environments.

Whether you are moving disaster recovery and data protection to the cloud or consolidating your data centers, with Zerto you can simply migrate/move workloads in just a few steps.

Test and Development keyboard_arrow_right

Easily spin up isolated sandbox environments that only differ from their production counterparts by minutes to leverage for test and development, patch management, upgrade validation, or security scans—all without slowing down production

Security and Compliance keyboard_arrow_right

Zerto’s granular recovery experience enables rapid recovery from cyber-attacks and includes visibility and scanning capabilities so you can remain proactive and alert.

Archive, store and monitor data for as long as needed and deliver automated reporting for disaster recovery testing to meet compliance and regulatory mandates.

Platform Highlights

The Zerto software-only platform requires no appliances or agents. It frees you from vendor lock-in and can run on any hardware, storage, cloud, and network.
No Snapshots keyboard_arrow_right

No more periodic snapshots or nightly backups. Recover from checkpoints only seconds apart.

Install in minutes keyboard_arrow_right

Easily install Zerto into any enterprise environment without downtime.

Lower TCO keyboard_arrow_right

Save time, resources, and costs on a unified recovery experience without legacy infrastructure demands.

How the Zerto Platform Works

Continuous Data Protection

The Zerto platform delivers continuous availability, enabling your organization to keep applications running 24/7 no matter what disruption or threat may occur. Eliminate periodic backups and snapshots, bringing always-on replication to perform disaster recovery and data protection.

Zerto CDP

Continuously capture and track data modifications so you can restore back to any point in time with remarkable granularity.

Always-on Replication

Say goodbye to periodic backups and snapshots. Deliver the tightest RTOs and RPOs with near-synchronous replication.

Journal-Based Recovery

Every change made is automatically written into a journal with a granularity of seconds, so you can rewind to a point in time immediately before an incident.

Application Consistency

Achieve quick and consistent recovery of multi-VM applications for accelerated RTOs.

Short- and Long-Term Retention

Unlock cost-effective storage on-premises and in the public cloud and Recover entire virtualized datacenters or a single file, from seconds ago or years ago.

Orchestration & Automation

One simple, agile solution saves you time, resources and costs while making it easier and faster to manage workloads at scale with minimal touch.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Protect and migrate workloads to, from and between clouds without production impact for Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and more.

Non-Disruptive Testing

Validate recoverability, perform a migration dry-run, or test against production replicas, all with no production or protection impact.

Flexible REST APIs

Fully automate deployment & VM protection using ready-made examples.

Workload Mobility

Create seamless recovery, consolidation, and migration experiences in four easy clicks.


With intelligent dashboards, gain complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

Built-in Analytics

Provide unparalleled multi-site, multi-cloud visibility, including a mobile app for monitoring SLAs from anywhere

Compliance Reporting

Pass audits and stay in compliance with built-in reporting and hassle-free testing.

Forecasting future infrastructure needs

With Zerto Resource Planner enable accurate infrastructure planning using your own real-world application data, predict and size your protection needs based on both protected and unprotected VMs.

Live data protection reporting

Across all resources and restore operations ensures you have the right data, right when you need it.

Zerto Data Protection

Use the Zerto platform to provide the same protection to all your applications




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