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Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5 Feature Highlight – Analytics & Mobile

September 8, 2017

IT environments are becoming increasingly more complex as companies adopt novel strategies to keep their business ahead of the competition. Flash arrays, hyper-converged infrastructure, and cloud computing are undoubtedly changing the game, but having the flexibility to easily manage data mobility across disparate platforms is something a lot of technologies fall short on.

That is why Zerto’s Virtual Replication (ZVR) seeks to give customers the ability to not only integrate seamlessly with heterogeneous technologies, but also manage those environments regardless of hardware, hypervisor, or cloud platform.

Accordingly, Zerto Analytics provides unrivaled multi-site and multi-cloud visibility across all protected sites despite underlying hardware/platforms. Utilizing historic data such as WAN throughput, average RPO, and storage consumption helps define trends and identify patterns that occur during certain times of the year. This will allow enterprises to proactively manage their data and mitigate the risk of business interruptions. Our analytics platform is catalyzing this journey to proactive data protection and I for one am particularly excited to see how customers find novel ways to utilize Zerto Analytics.

“How do I see these Analytics you speak of, Ryan?” you may be asking yourself. Well it’s very easy. Every customer that upgrades to ZVR 5.5 and has a valid Maintenance and Support contract has access to Zerto Analytics. Login to the MyZerto portal and you will see the Analytics tab front and center. If you aren’t a customer – well what are you waiting for?

For the “on-the-go” IT professional, Zerto Mobile brings a comprehensive view of your entire ZVR environment into the palm of your hand. Give anyone within your business the ability to view environment health with a few swipes of the finger. Fret not, however – no failovers can be initiated via the mobile app. Rest easy at night knowing that you haven’t given your IT systems the kiss of death.

As we continue to build out our Cloud Continuity Platform™, it is vital that we get feedback from users like yourselves in order to deliver the most effective product we can. How are you using Analytics? What have you found to be most helpful? Are there any features that you would like to see added in the future? I encourage you to head to the MyZerto forums and tell us your story so we can continue delivering the best customer experience we can!

Watch the Zerto Analytics Demo below now:


– Ryan Siegel, Zerto Technical Marketing, focuses on creating and delivering the latest innovations and solutions in the IT Resilience space, including disaster recovery, datacenter migrations, and driving the adoption of new technologies and solutions. Find Ryan on LinkedIn.