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Zerto Analytics

Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5 welcomes our newest member – Zerto Analytics – to the Cloud Continuity Platform™ team.  Zerto Analytics is fundamentally changing the way your IT team monitors environment health, delivering unrivaled visibility across all protected sites.  With data from multiple Zerto Virtual Managers consolidated and aggregated into one easy-to-navigate web page, Zerto Analytics takes a step beyond simple disaster recovery.

New Zerto Analytics platform provides unrivaled visibility across entire protected hybrid cloud infrastructure
Aggregated and consolidated information into one easy-to-use interface
Leverages VPG metrics – like data usage and storage consumption – over a three month period
Provide real-time information based on real-time replication


Where Can I Access Zerto Analytics?

Customers who upgrade to Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5 and have a valid Maintenance and Support contract have access to Zerto Analytics. All you need are your myZerto login credentials:

Head to the myZerto portal at zerto.com
Login using myZerto credentials
Click on newly added Zerto Analytics tab
Monitor environment health across all protected on-premises and cloud sites



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The Power of Monitoring at Your Fingertips

In December of 2016, the Zerto Mobile solution extended infrastructure monitoring from your datacenter to the palm of your hand. To further extend the efficiency of the Zerto Mobile solution, Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5 introduces the mobile widget. With just a few swipes on your phone, you can see exactly what is happening across your on-premises and cloud environments and how ZVR is performing without having to open the app.

Quicker-than-ever access to your environment via smartphone or tablet device
Allows monitoring status without the need to enter the App
Mini dashboard includes VPG status and average RPO


A World of Proactive Protection

Zerto Analytics marks the beginning of an incredible journey for Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform™ – the journey to proactive data protection.  Utilizing historic data such as WAN throughput, average RPO, and storage consumption to helps define trends within your environment.  Identifying patterns that occur during certain times of the year will allow enterprises to proactively manage their data and mitigate the risk of interruption.  Zerto Analytics is catalyzing this journey to proactive data protection.

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