Converge Tools, Protect Workloads and Unlock IT Resilience with Zerto - Zerto

Converge Tools, Protect Workloads and Unlock IT Resilience with Zerto

June 19, 2019

Meeting consumer expectations, improving employee confidence and productivity, meeting compliance regulations to avoid legal ramifications and damage to your company’s reputation… all these weighs in the balance for today’s modern IT organizations. IT systems are expected to deliver 24×7 availability to the digital demands of their customers, users, partners, and employees. The consequences of not meeting these growingly impatient expectations lead to direct financial and indirect consequences.

So how do you evolve to meet all these demands? Specific tools solve for specific challenges, but the sprawl of disparate tools that may be disconnected from data and from each other leads to complexity and cost. Throw in multiple cloud or hybrid environments and the challenge grows.

But what if you could converge tools and protect workloads and gain visibility across your environments? No doubt this would provide freedom to move workloads, reduce costs and improve dependencies on your IT resources.

Enter Zerto.

Zerto has introduced a NEW licensing offering for modern enterprises: the Zerto Enterprise Edition. With this new licensing model, you can unlock powerful capabilities designed to empower, simplify and energize your IT organization while converging critical use cases within one simple, single IT Resilience Platform. With Enterprise Edition, users unlock the following capabilities:

Converge your Disaster Recovery and Backup in one single platform

Customers already utilize Zerto to protect their workloads, so why not use that same innovative technology to solve for backup? Get rid of your old legacy backup tools with Enterprise Edition. Extend your Zerto deployment to solve for backup use cases that require long-term data retention.  The NEW Elastic Journal introduced in 7.0 merges Zerto’s powerful short-term journaling technology with long-term repositories to provide recovery from seconds to years ago. All built on a foundation of Continuous Data Protection (CDP). Gain granular site, application, VM and file-level journal-based recovery and achieve application consistency with Virtual Protection Group (VPG) across short and long-term data retention. Role-based access control per VPG allows for better management and control. Enterprise Edition delivers intelligent index and search for fast recovery.

Enable a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform removes limitations that have traditionally made migrations lengthy and challenging. By delivering an agnostic approach to replication, hardware, hypervisor, and cloud, vendor lock-in is removed. This enables true workload mobility across any platform whether on-premises or cloud without the need for manual conversions or implementations. Build out your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy knowing that you have the freedom to move your data from, to and anywhere in the cloud is crucial for organizations. Zerto leads the industry in migrating cloud workloads. Now, with Enterprise Edition, you can simultaneously replicate from one production site to many target platforms with one-to-many replication. This also includes vast choices and complete flexibility to replicate to and between vSphere, Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and over 350+ Cloud Service Providers.

Advance your analytics

Your Availability strategy is as good as your visibility is. Zerto Analytics delivers complete visibility across your entire protection scope, making the management and optimization of your future infrastructure needs easy. With Enterprise Edition, you can unlock further historical insights with 90-day retention in Zerto Analytics.

Check out Zerto’s NEW Enterprise Edition license to gain the capabilities and performance you need to deliver on today’s speed of business and the strategic initiatives of the future.

Learn more about a limited time offer for current ZVR customers thinking about upgrading to the Zerto Enterprise Edition licensing.